#1B/613 Off Black/Blonde – 18″ – 60g – 24 Pieces – Athena Tape Hair


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#1B/613 Off Black/Blonde – 18″ – 60 gram – 24 Pieces – Athena Tape Weft

Athena range hair extensions are 100% Indian human remy hair extensions available in a wide selection of colours, shades, lengths and weights. Athena hair is graded AAAA, the hair lasts up to 1-3 months when using Glamorous Lengths aftercare products. They dry with a very natural wave and have a tip made of organic keratin. These hair extensions are affordable and ideal for those who like to change their hair extensions every 3-4 months. Available in I-Tip, U-tip, Nano tip, Tape Weft and Weft.

Each packet has:

24 pieces (60 gram strands in a bundle)

Athena Hair, Athena Tape Hair 18" 60g, HIGHLIGHTS, Pick By Type, Tape Hair

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