#8 Medium Brown Flat Weft Double Layered 150g 22inch Luxe


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#8 Medium Brown Flat Weft Double Layered 150g 22inch Luxe

The Luxe Range Double Drawn 100% Real Human Remy Hair (grade 5A) is available in:

Introducing the “Unique flat design – Double Layered,” renowned for its wide range of colors and lengths, offering you plenty of options. When worn, it lays flat against your head, providing a truly natural appearance.

Double Layered: Crafted from high-quality human hair, it offers just the right amount of thickness.

Versatile Styles: You can attach it in various ways, such as braiding or sewing, to suit your preferred style.

Long-lasting: It remains durable over time and can be reused. Plus, it can be combined with other GL methods for even more styling choices.

Exclusive “Double Layered Flat Weft”
100% Remy Human Hair
Minimal to no shedding
18-24″ in width, 150g in weight
92cm wide (Mar Very by 0.5- 1cm)

For best results, use GL Hair shampoo and conditioner.
Avoid dyeing or toning the GL Flat Weft.
Avoid using Silver or Purple Shampoo on your GL Flat Weft.
Say no to sulphate-based products when caring for your GL Flat Weft

I Tip: 18” 24”

U Tip: 18” 22”

Nano Tip: 18” & 24”

Tape & Wefts: 18-24”


The hair dries straight with a natural wave and remains soft, silky, shiny and completely tangle-free for months.

The hair can also be re-used again if kept in good condition.

This hair comes in a variety of natural Remy shades and its complete length is up to 1” longer.

The hair strands are the same thickness from root to tip.

glhair is ideal for long-term use and has undergone gentle processing to ensure that its quality remains even when styling tools are used on the hair.

This hair can be styled with straighteners, tongs, wands etc. We do not recommend dyeing the hair extensions, in order to preserve the high quality.

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