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The attack planned for 6 a.m. tomorrow was brought forward to 11 p.m., apparently something was wrong. But Feng Zicai did not think much about what, after all, as a soldier, to obey orders for the bounden duty, not to mention today's immediate superior is his own son, but also can harm his father? "Tell the 4th Brigade, the 5th Brigade, the general attack will be changed to 11 o'clock tonight, so that the artillery battalion can be prepared in advance." Feng Zicai immediately deployed after receiving the order. Yes A tough battle was about to begin, and as it had been attacked for two days in a row, it was very clear about several open fortresses, hidden fortresses, and firepower support points in Tokyo. What's more, this time Feng Zicai brought big bore heavy artillery, although the stubborn resistance of the Japanese two days ago made Tokyo still tottering in the hands of the Japanese, but he believed that before long, his troops would be able to eat in Tokyo. PS: Please, Xiaoguan is so poor that he has no rice to cook. The number of subscriptions has dropped sharply these days. Let's continue to support Xiaoguan! In addition, if there are flowers, throw them at Xiaoguan. East Asia Chapter 151 Tokyo Massacre (2) There is a mountain called Mount Fuji outside the city of Tokyo. Looking down from the top of the mountain,White Marble Slabs, you can have a panoramic view of Tokyo. If the heavy artillery brought by Feng Zicai is put on the top of the mountain, then Tokyo will be easy to get. The Japanese also deployed a reinforced division of 30,000 troops on Mount Fuji, an important strategic point, even more than the troops in the city. That night, Feng Zicai came to the assault position. Then Xu Bangdao, the commander of the Fourth Brigade beside him,white marble slabs, said, "Division Commander, the little devils are well deployed, and the firepower echelons are clear. It seems that we can only use surprise attacks." Feng Zicai nodded and looked at the sky. It was going to be dark. After dark, it was dark in the deep valley, and it was a good time to attack the Japanese position. The moon is dark and the stars are few, and the sky is lonely. Even the Lord of Heaven seemed to be partial to the army of the Qing Dynasty at this time. Chen Shanyuan, commander of the 12th Regiment of the 4th Brigade of the 2nd Division, looked at the formation of more than 2,000 men under his command, and his heart was filled with heroism. They will be the first wave of attack echelons to launch a charge at the forward position of Mount Fuji, but these veterans who have experienced the Sino-British Burma War have only calm eyes and no fear at all. In such a night, launching a large-scale group raid, the Japanese troops in the position will not be able to guarantee a high design accuracy because of the visibility. Once the two armies are close to each other, the role of artillery will be greatly reduced. In an age without automatic weapons, Marble Projects ,Agate Slabs For Sale, such a charge would have been difficult to stop. Historically, in the Russo-Japanese War, the Japanese army defeated the Russian army, which lacked machine guns, with a night attack that was not afraid of death. Of course, such a charge is not without shortcomings. Because of the suddenness of the attack, the first wave of attack can easily approach the enemy's position, so that the artillery can not cause much damage to it. However, the artillery will soon extend its rear design, making it difficult for his follow-up troops to reinforce. This requires that the first wave of troops must be very strong, able to occupy the enemy's front-line positions in a short time, and form a defense. Withstand the enemy's charge before the reinforcements come up. Using such tactics, even the winning side will suffer a lot of casualties, which is almost a way to hurt people. Feng Zicai dared to do so in addition to believing in the combat effectiveness of the Second Division, but also a little selfish. The First Division defeated the Japanese in Korea, and everyone in the country knew about it. Luo Ming also became famous in World War I. The Second Division and the First Division were the top ten ace divisions. He also wanted to take this opportunity to prove it to the world. It was also a head-on confrontation, and the second division was not afraid of anyone. Chen Shanyuan walked up to the first platoon of soldiers, arranged their collars and grenades hanging on their chests one by one, and then said a few words to the soldiers or patted them on the shoulder. These things were often done by his commissar, but in the last Yokohama landing, he fell in a pool of blood, and the weak scholar he despised took a shot for himself with his chest and lay on the beach of Yokohama forever. From then on, he inherited these habits. Finally, Chen Shanyuan picked up a pottery bowl and said, "Brothers, I'm usually strict with you. Sometimes I kick you with my feet, and sometimes I whip you. I hope you don't hate me.". Tonight you're going to fight with the devils. Brother, borrow a bowl of water and wine for you. No matter what you're sorry for, everyone will laugh it off. "Colonel, everyone knows in their hearts that you hate iron but not steel.". If I can survive tonight, I will follow you to fight the Japanese in the future. When Chen Shanyuan heard this, his eyes were moist and his heroic spirit burst out: "Well, tonight we will see if our bone can break the front teeth of the Japanese devils. Let's do it." "Gan" all the soldiers held bayoneted rifles in one hand and poured wine into their mouths in the other. The burning alcohol made the soldier's eyes red, and the whole starting position was filled with a murderous look. The attack has officially begun. In the emergency artillery position, hundreds of 57mm Grussen guns were lined up in two rows to make a violent noise. Although the range and strength of the guns were slightly worse than those of the Krupp guns, they were much cheaper. As the first generation of standard artillery, the retreating guns were equipped with the divisions of the Qing Dynasty. At the same time, more than 200 mortars also bombarded the front-line positions of the Japanese Mount Fuji. Rows of shells roared out of the barrel and exploded in the Japanese position. The Japanese soldiers in the fortifications only felt that the earth was shaking. The light of the orange fire dazzled the Japanese artillery staff officer on the hillside, who was holding the mirror of Chase Artillery. Rub your eyes and proofread the design error. The night was lit up by the flames, showing columns of smoke of different strange shapes. Twenty minutes into the bombardment, oblique fire began escorting the assault team. There was a sound of pulling the bolt in the trench, and more than two thousand brothers, with a forceful wave of Chen Shanyuan's hand, jumped out of the starting position together. Chen Shanyuan clenched his jawbone tightly and held the command knife in his hand. Now in his eyes, there was only the opposite position! The entire assault division was a feint attack, and only the 12th Regiment of their 4th Brigade was the main attack. During the day,white marble mosaic, it was clear that the position of 500 meters opposite him was the junction of two enemy regiments, with at most a battalion of troops, and that he could quickly achieve a breakthrough. He was already thinking about how to build fortifications to take the front line.
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