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One is her most protective sister. The plot is very bloody and the reality is very cruel. Her most trusted partner is called Zuo Yuchen, and her sister is called Luo Zijun. Zuo Yuchen is the second agent in the shadow ranking and the best partner of the original owner. Almost none of the missions they carried out together were unsuccessful, and every time they succeeded perfectly. He was deeply loved by Mr. X, and the sister of the original owner saw all this in her eyes. She was not convinced and always felt that she should be a couple with Zuo Yuchen. She had this idea because of a mass killing plan. At that time, Luo Zijun was not a member of the Shadow Stop, but appeared as a hostage in front of the enemy. The original owner tried his best to save him, at all costs. However, she failed to change her sister's personality. Just because, Zuo Yuchen became a gun for her, this gun changed all her life. But she did not know that in that killing plan, the original owner was hit by seven bullets, and his life was on the line. She was almost desperate to save her sister, but in exchange for the deliberate killing. Luo Zijun insisted on joining the shadow organization despite her opposition, but although her technique was good, she could not stand side by side with Zuo Yuchen. The longer time passes, the deeper the jealousy in my heart becomes. The original owner never thought that his sister, whom he loved from childhood to adulthood, would set a trap to kill her for a man. Just because, she fell in love with this man, and very deep love! As the first agent,30ml dropper bottle, the original owner is decisive and ruthless, and he is very careful in doing things. Had it not been for the fact that the person who set the trap was her own sister, she would never have died in the explosion. It was a dead Hongmen banquet, when the original owner was ambushed, there were more than a dozen killers around, she relied on her super agent ability, still perfect escape. But never thought,Amber Dropper Bottles, her sister Luo Zijun unexpectedly in order to let her into their own trap, that oneself do bait, deceive her into the land of death. The original owner will never forget the smile that Luo Zijun finally looked at her, which was a kind of dark flower that came out from the bottom of his heart. But this plan Zuo Yuchen also participates in it, only because he cannot courtship, only because he wants to become the first agent of the shadow. Love not to let her die, this is Zuo Yuchen's consistent style. And two people with a common purpose can naturally come together, and they both want the original owner to die. Luo Qingchen took a deep breath and sorted out all the relationships between the characters. There were many characters appearing in the memory of the original owner. But most of the sadistic memories are related to Zuo Yuchen and Luo Zijun. The MMP will not be the male protagonist Zuo Yuchen! It doesn't look like it. The system shouldn't give her such a bad man! But the system says that this mission is very special, and it is not certain that this is the special! Hum! But so what? Even if the task fails, even if the experience value is deducted. In the face of scum men and women, do not go up backhand two slaps, it is difficult to eliminate the anger in the heart! Chapter 471 the first agent with fewer powers (3). One second to remember. Bookben. Net, wonderful novel free reading without pop-up window! Back three months ago, she had just received the task given to her by Mr. X to kill the head of C country, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, Du Jiusheng. There's only one picture, and it's not a face. Luo Qingchen slowly picked up the photo, and there was a flash of light in his eyes. The man in the photo is dressed in a military uniform, his delicate facial features are full of a world-shaking king's spirit, his dark and deep ice eyes are with a touch of cold, and his thin lips are slightly pursed, if there is no cherry red. Good handsome man "her heart trembled slightly, even though he had read so many handsome men, he still felt that the man in front of him was good-looking and suffocating." Sister "behind came a touch of charming voice, Luo Qingchen put the photo into the leather coat pocket, the place where the eyes burned a touch of extreme coldness.". She slowly turned around and watched Luo Zijun walk slowly towards her. Low chest bare shoulder, red lips enchanting, the corners of the mouth outlined a touch of intoxicating smile continued: "The elder sister has received the task to pull, is really valued by Mr. X." Luo Qingchen chuckled, and his voice was as cold as water. He squinted and said, "You're right!"! What's the matter? Don't you have a task recently? Luo Zijun Wen Yan, a little stupefied. Always feel that there is something wrong with today's Luo Qingchen, in the past she spoke to her, never so domineering. And she clearly knew that the last time H country's arms smuggling mission, because she did not cooperate well with Zuo Yuchen, although they completed the task, they made a mistake. One of the key people did not silence him. It is because of this matter, she and Zuo Yuchen have been punished, not only even down two levels, in the short term can not accept the task. This matter Luo Qingchen knew clearly, but still came to ask her so, let her heart unconsciously some angry. Yes, my sister is so excellent, how can I compare with her? Luo Zijun originally wanted to raise first and then suppress, praise her first, and then take the opportunity to praise his own excellence. But what she didn't expect was that Luo Qingchen answered her words in seconds. It's good to know. Her eyes closed and the corners of her mouth outlined a faint smile. Like a winner's posture, looking at Luo Zijun in front of him. Luo Zijun's whole person was stiff in place, and she suddenly felt that the person in front of her was so strange. In the past, although her sister was strong, she always gave way to her in front of her and gave herself the upper hand. But today, why is it so different? Beautiful two sisters, what are you talking about? Zuo Yuchen walked step by step along the stairs to the center of the experimental base and looked at them with a gentle smile at the corners of their mouths and said, "Can you have the honor to share it with me?" "Cough," Luo Zijun cleared his throat and said with a smile, "We are talking about my sister's task this time. I heard it's a very important task. Mr. X really values my sister!" Embarrassment flashed through the depths of Zuo Yuchen's eyes, and then he covered the past with a smile: "Of course, the ability to pour dust is obvious to all, and the first agent deserves it." "It's good to know." She looked at Zuo Yuchen with a snort and said, "a good partner can make you rise in the world, but a bad partner can only demote you again and again. Do you understand?" As soon as this remark was made,glass cream jars, the scene was awkward. However, for Luo Qingchen, the heart is really comfortable.
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