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You don't need to mention that. Although I was not completely sure at first, according to Feng Feng, he saw the Youling given to you in the auction house, and after some investigation, it was the place where Xiaoyao Arrow God sent you. So the first thing he did when he came to the land of Aga was to give all of them a taste of what happened to you. "They didn't mean to, but in fact, because of that attack, you almost.." Chenchen nibbled his lower lip. "For this reason alone, we can't let him go easily." Volume 3 Demon Trials 51 Indecision? "I thought you had some problem or inspired some task and the level returned to zero, so." Did the man named Xiaoyao Arrow God do it? "Yes." I nodded innocently, "obviously they came to bully the flame first, and then they were knocked down by the night.". Speaking of it, I didn't provoke him much. I was blocked when I walked on the street, and then I was killed to level 0. Speaking of this matter again, I still feel a little uncomfortable, and it is precisely because of this matter, the flame is still sleeping in the pet space to supplement spiritual power,Automated warehouse systems, and only occasionally can it come out. But now that he's been punished by the system and has the same level as me, it's nothing. Lost looked at me in silence for a long time, then moved his lips and said, "Even so, as far as I know, Xiaoyao Arrow God is a vindictive person,teardrop pallet racking, so you have to be careful." "So what? I won't let him have a chance to hurt the snow." "Cang Yue, you are too confident." "That's because you have no confidence." Lost a stupefied, then shook his head with a wry smile, "is that so." "Of course, and very definitely!" Chenchen held his head with one hand and grinned. "Not only is he not confident, but he is also indecisive.". Although it seems that you have a gentle attitude towards anyone or anything, but … Only you know what you are thinking in your heart. Lost still smiles bitterly. "Why do I always feel that I am not only useless after listening to your words?". But also treacherous and cunning at heart. Is it an illusion? Chenchen shrugged his shoulders, ignored him, and put a chopstick dish directly into his mouth. After eating and drinking enough, we began to ask around about the news of the task, the main target is naturally those large and small medicine shops. But it turned out to be nothing. He stopped with some disappointment, rubbed his sore feet with his hands, asrs warehouse ,push back racking system, and looked at Chenchen pitifully. I think we should call it a day and go to other cities tomorrow. "All right." Lost nodded, but he seemed to have misunderstood and said, "It's late, and it's time for you to get off the line." I went to the tailor to ask about the use of scorpion shell curing equipment. Let's go together. I'm also going to inlay some spiritual stones on the robe of the snow. "Well, I only know that there is a master tailor shop in Feng and the city, and the craftsmanship is pretty good." It's just through this alley. Located in the most prosperous business district of Phoenix and City, there are exquisite ready-made clothes on both sides of the shop, each of which looks good in workmanship and price. Very good. Several NPCs in the shop were greeting the players who were choosing or making clothes. After a little inquiry, I took out the robe from the ring and handed it to the tailor who seemed to have the title of master together with a few Lingshi given by Chenchen. One looks like he's in his twenties. A girl with a charming smile. She put the spirit stone in the palm of her hand and observed it carefully for a while. Then she opened her mouth and said, "Although the rank of this spirit stone is not high, it is rare. Are you sure you want to set these on the robe?"? It's just silverware. "It doesn't matter." I don't understand the value of this spirit stone. He just waved his hand casually and said, "It's just a temporary wear anyway." "All right, then, please wait here for a moment." "Just a moment, please." Lost stopped her and asked, "I have some scorpion shells here. I wonder if I can use them to solidify the equipment.". ” "Scorpion Shell?" "Yes." She pondered for a moment and said, "It depends on the strength and integrity of these scorpion shells …" Take out your things and show them to me first. According to the words, he took out a complete scorpion shell, which was black and bright, and at first glance it looked like a living scorpion. The watcher could not help but feel tingling in his heart. The tailor took it carefully and looked at it carefully for a while. Then he looked up and said, "How many of these do you have?" "There are only 22 complete pieces, while the other shapes are somewhat broken." In fact, this black-tailed scorpion has a very high demand for collection, except for those black-tailed scorpions that have been cut to pieces by Chenchen's nirvana and can only collect some small fragments. Most of the others are more or less damaged when they are divided. It was not until later that the two of them rose to a higher level of acquisition. To cut off such a few complete pieces. The tailor fondly stroked the scorpion shell, "22 pieces seem to be a little less.." Black-tailed scorpions are highly poisonous and difficult to kill, not to mention being able to get such a complete scorpion shell, which is too wasteful if only used to solidify equipment. So, since you have the strength to kill the black tail scorpion, it is better to collect 100 pieces, plus some other materials, I can make a close-fitting inner armor for you.. With my skill, I can make the most perfect gold ware. Seeing that I was lost, I seemed to hesitate. Chenchen, who had been chatting with me, seemed to be unable to see past it, but I heard her say aloud: "I told you that you worry too much about doing things." You need to make some pills at the right time, but you don't know how to open your mouth, do you? As she spoke, she curled her lips. "There's nothing to hesitate about. We're all right anyway. It's no big deal even if we go together." Listening to her words,heavy duty metal racking, he seemed embarrassed, so he smiled and put the scorpion shell back into the ring. Seeing this, the tailor greeted us and turned to go into the inner room.
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