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A Thematic Analysis of the Play Hamlet: A Sample Essay
“Hamlet” is one of Shakespeare's greatest plays. The main character is Hamlet who is the Prince of Denmark. The spirit of his father appears to him in a dream and informs him of the causes of his death. He is informed that his uncle King Claudius killed him and hastily married Gertrude, King Hamlet's widow, for him to assume the throne.
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He gets into a relationship with Ophelia, Polonius’ daughter. She does not find out the truth about Hamlet's mission to avenge his father’s death. Hamlet plots a way to determine his uncle’s innocence or guilt. He stages a play and, in the play, the king is murdered by poison. King Claudius reacts angrily and leaves the place, confirming his guilt.
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One of the evident issues in the play that affects the modern way of life is spiritualism. Unlike modern society, Hamlet was keen on his spiritualism. He believes in a dream of his father's spirit and embarks on a revenge mission. He exhibits a great sense of belief in the play; he even refuses to kill the King when he had an opportunity because he feared that he might go to heaven.
The modern-day American people do not believe in the kind of spiritualism that he exhibited in those days. His mission for revenge is entirely based on a dream he had. He proves the truth of his dream and begins his revenge mission. In his revenge mission, he ends up killing many other people and loses his life as well.
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The other issue in Hamlet that would affect modern society is gender discrimination. The gender figure in the story shows that women at the time did not know their rights. The first woman character we meet in the story is Gertrude, Hamlet's mother. After the death of her husband King Hamlet, she quickly remarries his brother to allow him to take care of the community.
In modern-day America, the people's perception of women and leadership has changed. In those days, a woman could not have become the queen to rule over the people. The position of women in society has greatly changed and modern-day women are more conscious of their rights.
In this situation, they would have fought for their rights and even taken the leadership position as queen. The other female character in the play is Ophelia. Ophelia exhibits weak traits in the play. Torn between her love for Hamlet and his loyalty to his father she loses her sanity and eventually dies. The figures used to develop women in the play exhibit them as weak creatures unlike the stereotype of women in the modern-day world.
The story of “Hamlet” is an illustration of a modern-day scenario. Female empowerment is one of the main issues in today's world. We are trying to break away from the notion that women are weak creatures and give them the power and freedom to be independent.
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Hamlet is in a dilemma faced by many people in modern society. Many people in modern society face such kinds of dilemmas in their lives. Hamlet, like many people in modern society, makes wrong decisions in dealing with his dilemma leading to the death of many characters.
Personal behavior, social obligation, and personal capabilities are some of the defining features that define the way in which one deals with such dilemmas. Hamlet's situation can be cited as a common case in which individuals develop the process of disintegration following strenuous tasks or tasks that interfere with the natural human balance.
Human selfishness is a common incidence and, to some extent, a norm that defines most human beings. Implicitly, many people will tend to maneuver various hurdles through whichever means in order to ensure that they attain a significant length in the ladder of success. Little do they know that equivalent attributes such as honesty and natural justice play a significant role in countering certain human advances.
In certain regards, it is possible to deceive human nature, but it is impossible to deceive the natural aspects from without. This is a clear indication of how various people strive to address certain incidences of human development but then get disappointed when bizarre incidents occur.
Psychological torments are common in human nature. However, the need to understand the process through which certain incidences are developed calls for a strong understanding of how incidences occur within the circle of life. Psychological battles are hard to conquer because they hold a true magnitude of the entire situation as perceived by the given individual.
Thematically, the story of Hamlet is a critical relation of the manner in which different incidences are regulated by the general understanding of the aspects that define human life. In his quest for revenge, Hamlet has a strong psychological battle, which he fails to conquer. Consequently, he ends up killing the entire family and dying in the process.
To a modern-day scenario, acquire a personal conviction before you make advances to suit personal or selfish needs. Additionally, it is extremely difficult to fight the battle of the dead or the spirits. Human life is not immortal; hence so dispensable.
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