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Major Signs that Make you Qualified to have an ESA Dog
Dogs are often called man’s best friends. Cuddling with these fuzzy creatures on winter evenings is the best stress reliever humans could ever ask for. People, especially those who live alone, often pet dogs to keep themselves company. Individuals who struggle with psychological or mental illnesses are advised to go for Emotional Support Animals (ESA), for example, dogs, to help them relive their mental stress.
However, to be able to avail of ESA assistance, you have to qualify for the said assistance. Most individuals with severe mental disabilities are qualified to get an ESA Letter from their Psychiatrist. Without a letter from a licensed mental care professional, you cannot avail of an ESA.
If you are among such individuals who want to keep an ESA but are not sure of your eligibility status, do not worry. Summarized below are some of the common signs for individuals to keep an ESA as a remedy for their mental illnesses.
1)      Severe Anxiety 
If you are struggling with severe anxiety, petting an ESA dog can prove to be remedial for you. Once you have your anxiety medically diagnosed by your psychologist, you can forward an ESA letter for housing to the concerned authorities. It is medically proven that petting your ESA dog can help you manage your anxiety and minimize your anxiety triggers with time.
2)      Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Often, patients struggle with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) where they have a short attention span. Such individuals cannot be productive due to their inability to concentrate. If you are among such individuals, requesting an ESA dog can prove to be beneficial. Having an animal to take care of will help you stay attentive and alert. As a result, you will also find improvements in your attention span.
3)      Depression 
Depressed individuals often find themselves detached and disconnected from the world. They find it hard to leave their bed in the morning for nothing interests them. If you find yourself in this category, an ESA dog can be a great help. Knowing that you have a dog to tend to will motivate you to leave your bed in the morning.
You can take your dogs on long walks which will help you get away from the restraints of your house. However, always keep a dog whistle with you so your dog doesn't wander far away from you. As you share those long walks and petting sessions with your ESA dog, you will slowly start regaining your interest in life. Taking care of the dog will give you a purpose for adhering to reality.
Keep Your ESD Letter Updated
The usual expiration date for an ESD (Emotional Support Dog) letter is after one year. If you feel that you need to continue with the assistance, you need to file for an extension. Often, it is the psychiatrists themselves who prescribe prolonging your treatment with your ESD, depending upon the rate of your progress. For that purpose, making sure that you get your letter updated yearly is a must.
The process of getting an ESD extension is simple. Just visit your mental care specialists who signed you up for ESD in the first place. Request them to sign an extension letter and Voila! You can continue with your ESD to seek emotional comfort and they help you to get emotional support dog letter easily.
In conclusion, you need to be diagnosed with a mental illness by licensed mental care professional to keep an ESA. You will see that an ESA dog can help you regain your lost sense of purpose, interest, and attachment with the world around you.
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