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Tie Zhongtang smiled faintly and said, "We're all going to die anyway. What's the difference between dying early and dying late? The time has come. Brother Li, let's rush out." He looked back slowly at Shui Lingguang and sighed, "It's just that you died unjustly." Shui Lingguang smiled and said, "Are you willing to let me live?" Tie Zhongtang laughed sadly and said, "I would rather sacrifice everything to let you live!" Shui Lingguang said softly, "Are you willing to let all the people here live?" "What did you say?" Tiezhongtang exclaimed. Shui Lingguang said, "If you are really willing to sacrifice everything and forget all the grudges, I will have a way to let all the people here live. Would you like to?" In the darkness, although the faces of the people could not be seen clearly, there was a sudden sound of surprise in the hall, and it was obvious that everyone had been moved by her words. Tie Zhongtang's whole body became nervous. "Are you telling the truth?" He asked. Shui Lingguang nodded gently, turned around slowly and said, "Come with me!" She walked out of the hall lightly, and Tiezhongtang involuntarily followed her out. There seemed to be a magic in the manner of this wonderful girl that made no one doubt what she said. The crowd watched helplessly as they walked into the vast night outside the courtyard, no one asked aloud, and no one stopped them. The night outside the door was as heavy as lead, and the dead and dark earth seemed to have been overwhelmed by it. Tiezhongtang followed Shuilingguang in silence and walked into the dark woods. There was no sound even in the woods. The wind and insects had been crushed to death by the night. Tiezhongtang only felt a chill from the bottom of his heart, his footsteps were lighter and more urgent, and the dark forest finally gradually revealed a faint light. The pale blue light reflected the green trees like a ghost fire, and the shadows among the trees seemed to be ghosts gathering in the forest. Suddenly I heard a gloomy voice saying, "Are you coming?" "Here we are," said Shui Lingguang. Between a clump of trees, there was an open space, swaying with a dozen points of pale pearl light, as if it were the eyes of a ghost. Under the pale blue pearlescent light, people are shadowy, sitting around a group of people, reflecting the pale blue pearlescent light,cantilever racking system, the human face has also turned into a pale blue color. Sitting in the middle, it is the name of the world's nine son ghost mother. She had now changed into a long green gown, with a high bun, and sat cross-legged. Tiezhongtang walked up to her proudly. The nine-son ghost mother looked him up and down and said with a gloomy smile, "a disciple under the big gate always has a higher courage than ordinary people." "How do you know I'm under the banner?" Asked Tiezhongtang. "That's what I said," said Shui Lingguang softly. "He said you were carrying the blood flag of the Great Flag Gate," said the ghost mother of the nine sons. "Is that true?" "She's never told a lie," said Tie Zhongtang. "Take it out and have a look," said the ghost mother of the nine sons. Tiezhongtang took a look at Shuilingguang, suddenly reached into his bosom, took out the blood flag he treasured with him, shook it casually, and fluttered in the wind. Nine son ghost mother suddenly long body, eyes such as torch, tightly staring at the blood flag above, wire mesh decking ,industrial racking systems, a full half a cup of tea kungfu for a long time, did not blink. "Have you seen it clearly?" Asked Tie Zhongtang. The ghost mother suddenly gave a long sigh, sat down and said slowly, "It's really the blood flag that commanded the world in the past year!" Shui Lingguang said softly, "She said that only this blood flag could solve today's siege. I called you here when I heard it." Tie Zhongtang was in high spirits and shouted, "Really?" "Yes," said the ghost mother of the nine sons, "we have received great kindness from this flag in the past, and we have made a solemn oath that wherever this blood flag comes, the old man will obey all the orders issued by the flag bearer." Tie Zhongtang was overjoyed and said, "So.." Jiu Zi Gui Mu suddenly gave another loud shout and said, "Wait a minute. Since you are holding this flag, do you know the rules of holding the flag and giving orders?" Tiezhongtang was in a daze, and he seemed to have some vague impression in his mind, but the blood flag had not appeared for many years, and the descendants of Daqimen had already forgotten it. The Ghost Mother of the Nine Sons said slowly, "In the past, the two predecessors, Yun and Tie, held the banner of blood and ruled the world, but they were afraid of disturbing their colleagues in Jianghu. That's why they laid down this rule." Tiezhongtang didn't know what the rules were and didn't dare to insert them. "I haven't seen the blood flag in Jianghu for many years," said Jiu Zi Gui Mu coldly. "Do you want to go back and ask him about this rule, or do you want to hear the old man say it now?" Tie Zhongtang said, "The elder is famous in Wulin. I don't think he will deceive people." The ghost mother of the nine sons said in a deep voice, "The bannerman comes first!" "Tie Zhongtang!" Said Tie Zhongtang. Jiu Zi Gui Mu shouted, "Tie Zhongtang, you should hold the flag in both hands and stand with your eyes closed. The first thing you say from this moment on is the order issued by the blood flag. So you must not speak at will any more, do you know?" "There is one more thing," he added. "You must remember that the order issued by the bannerman must be about life and death, and must not exceed the cross." Tie Zhongtang felt a shock in his heart and thought in great surprise, "You can't exceed the cross. How can I give the order?" As far as the eye could see, all four were silent and listening attentively. The ghost mother of the nine sons looked even more dignified and refused to open her mouth again. You should know that in the past, the great master of the Great Flag Gate was very proud. Although they gathered the blood of the villains into this blood flag, they didn't have any self-respect at all. They wanted to use this blood flag to command Jianghu colleagues. It was only in order to be grateful that Jianghu people made an unwritten rule that as long as the blood flag came, everything would be obeyed. And the cloud, iron two people fear so develop the arrogance of future generations to give orders, is to restrain themselves, set the harsh rules, is not a matter of life and death, can not be issued by the flag, issued by the order, not more than ten words, this rule should be handed down from generation to generation, but the big flag gate has been repeatedly changed recently, prestige is not as good as before, even if there is a blood flag, there is no one to listen to him, So the master did not pass on this rule to future generations. Tie Zhongtang raised the blood flag with both hands and slowly closed his eyelids,push back racking system, but his heart was full of thoughts. He kept asking himself: "What can I say about these ten words?" If he says, "Please let us go!" Is not even the enemy of the flag also released, how can he use the blood flag of this door to save the enemy of this door.
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