*NEW* #14 Dark Blonde – 22″ – 1g – Nano Tip – Russia Range (50 strands)


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#14 Dark Blonde – 1g – Nano Tip – Russia Range (50 strands)

The Russia Range Double Drawn 100% Real Human Remy Hair (grade 6A) is available in:
– I Tip: 18inch to 24inch
– U Tip: 18inch to 22 inch
– Nano Tip: 18, 22 and 24inch
– Tapes 20inch & 24inch
– Wefts: 20inch
– The hair dries straight with a natural wave and remains soft, silky, shiny and completely tangle-free for months.
– The hair can also be re-used again if kept in good condition.
– This hair comes in a variety of natural Remy shades and its complete length is up to 1inch longer.
– The hair strands are the same thickness from root to tip.
– GL Hair is ideal for long-term use and has undergone gentle processing to ensure that its quality remains even when styling tools are used on the hair.
– This hair can be styled with straighteners, tongs, wands etc. We do not recommend dyeing the hair extensions, in order to preserve the high quality.

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