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Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions are one of the most popular choices in the world for hair extensions! The popularity of hair extensions has literally exploded. Extensions were a largely very well guarded secret that was held close by celebrity and models until around 10 years ago when the general public began having extensions applied.

As the popularity has increased the hair market has literally tripled in size if not quadrupled. There are many manufacturers that provide hair extension options but not all manufacturers are created equally. Not all hair quality is equal either.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is a specific type of hair extension. The old definition - is human hair that is mono directional which has the cuticle still intact . High quality hair extension that comes from virgin hair that has never been chemically processed or treated.

Remy hair has long been held as “the” hair to have. Today's definition for Remy hair has changed to include hair that has been chemically treated to get the most popular shades and colours. Today true Remy hair is still human hair that is mono directional although you can get Remy hair with the cuticle removed which is actually easier to care for.

Some Myths About Remy Hair

Long held myths abound when it comes to Remy hair extensions because it is such a high quality material one of the largest myths is the cost. A lot of consumers are under the impression that Remy hair will cost thousands of pounds.

This type of hair extension can actually be quite affordable. You do not have to pay thousands of pounds! Another popular myth about Remy hair is the origins of the hair.

Many people falsely believe that Remy hair is only cultivated from Indian hair making it very dark in colour and only usable for people of colour. Remy hair is human hair that can be cultivated from around the world not just Asia!

Remy hair is also believed by many to be an ultra rare hair type, again this is simply not true.

The Remy Difference

Remy hair extensions are considered one of the top choices in extensions because of the difference. Synthetic hair does not wear as well, it is not as easy to style and maintain. Synthetic hair looks synthetic and does not offer the same styling possibilities as human hair extensions.

Even when you compare Remy hair to other natural hair options the quality of the Remy hair is evident. It is silkier more luxurious feeling than other lower quality human hair options. Depending on the after care you use it can last up to 6 months. Although all suppliers including us at Glamorous lengths only say 3.

The Remy difference is easy to spot on anyone that has Remy extensions because you can NOT spot the extensions! This type of extensions is easier to use and lasts up to four times longer than other options. It is the choice of celebrities and models and can now be the choice of anyone that wants a high quality set of extensions.

Remy hair extensions is the more affordable option because it is longer lasting which offers the best value for the money! If you would like to view real reviews of Glamorous Lengths Remy hair have a look on our GL review page.

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