Abigail Clark from The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE)

with Glamorous Lengths Remy Russia Range Hair Extensions

Fitted at Belle Salons London


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Kim Hunjan from Belle With Jasmin and Abigail Clark from Only Way is Essex at Fashion show.


What is ‘The Only Way is Essex’?

The only way is Essex is a popular television series. It is called TOWIE for short and if you call it by that, almost everyone will know exactly what you are talking about. Abigail Clark only way is Essex is perhaps the most popular character on the hit TV show that airs on ITV.


Who is Abigail Clark only way is Essex

Abigail Clark is a flirty and gorgeous individual on the hit ITV show The Only Way is Essex.  Her somewhat intimidating and awe inspiring good looks make people think she’ll be a pretentious person but deep down she’s actually a very nice person. She always looks great and everyone wants to be just like her.


Essex Fashion

Abigail Clark only way is Essex has her hair extensions fitted at Belle Hair Extensions, being a popular actress in a hit TV show, she must know what is in style and how to look her best. The extensions added a touch of length to her lovely golden brown hair colour and help make it look full and healthy. The cast from The Only Way is Essex takes great pride in their appearance and staying up with current trends, making sure they look fashionable at all times.

Abigail Clark only way is Essex is a great person to look to for style and fashion looks to mimic. The entire cast takes their looks very seriously and they are never willing to sacrifice their good looks for time or cost saving reasons. Luckily, hair extensions just like Abi’s can be yours as well for a reasonable price and you can walk into a salon with boring hair and walk out with amazing locks that would make the crew of the only way is essex jealous. Don’t wait for this great trend to pass you by. You’ll love the results and if you don’t get extensions you’ll regret it when your next special event comes around!

If you’re looking for the best way to dress and style look to Abigail Clark only way is Essex. Hair extensions are a simple way to become instantly glamorous. You can dress up your fashionable outfit (even if it’s a budget outfit) with the right hair styles and the flexibility that hair extensions like Abi’s will bring to your morning routine will astound you.

Abigail Clark the Only Way is Essex is a fashion and style icon that women everywhere can look to for style advice. She turns heads when she walks down the street whether she is showing off in a bikini in Spain or simply walking to a yoga class, he clothes and hair always look amazing. Her hair went from being pretty and desirable to mega glamorous and sexy with one trip to the hair salon. She left belle salon looking happy and satisfied with her new longer and fuller hair because she now has endless options for sexy hair styles on the show and off the show.



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