Nano ring hair extensions

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Glamorous Lengths Armenia nano ring hair extensions has finally arrived.



Our Armena Nano Ring Range hair extension range 1 gram strand and like the Russia range fully remy hair extension

Nano ring hair extensions are new and 90% smaller then the famous Belle Micro Ring method. 1 gram strands of Nano ring hair extensions.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano Ring Hair Extensions are the latest technology in hair extensions. They are one of the most popular extensions among celebrities and models because they are so small and discreet even up do’s are possible without ever noticing the extensions. People around the world are crazy for these extensions.

This is simply the most discreet hair extension system on the market. They are ideal for all hair types and styles. This hair system does not damage the natural hair because it can be applied without heat, damaging chemicals or other harsh application processes.


When To Use

Some clients choose extensions for a special occasion to add volume or length to their hair, these extensions are perfect for special occasions because they will look great for the occasion can be removed without damaging the hair and reused again!

Some clients need extensions because for whatever reason they can not grow their own hair out, these extensions are perfect for those clients because they are long lasting and look great for months. In other words these extensions work well for all clients needs.


Benefits Of These Extensions

Besides being the smallest hair extensions making them the most discreet they also allow the natural hair to grow underneath the extensions which is ideal for people that want to grow out their natural hair but do not want to have to deal with that shabby in between stage.

The attachment rings are petite which makes them virtually invisible and makes them much easier to attach to thin hair. They come in a full range of colours and shades making them an easy way to blend the extensions with natural hair.

Nano Ring Extensions are made of the highest quality human hair which of course is always best in semi permanent extensions. Human hair flows more naturally and can be treated and styled just as the natural hair.

They are long lasting and can stand up to different styling techniques. They can easily last for months making them a great investment. They are very cost effective because they are long lasting and stay looking great for a long time. They stay put so there is no embarrassing mishaps!


Application Methods

Using Nano Ring’s could not be any easier both on the stylist and the clients hair. The small rings are lined with silicone to make them gentler on the hair and to add some extra grip to keep them in place for as long as the client wants them in place.

You can also choose the Micro Ring Weft method which uses wefts of hair instead individual hair. The wefts of hair can be used in one colour block or as highlighted pieces. The beauty of using this method is that the hair can be moved up and down as the natural hair grows out.

The application methods are easy and protect the natural hair from damage unlike other extensions. Application is easy and the results are always superior. No heat, no chemicals, no tedious gluing!




Learn how to apply Nano ring hair extensions

All Glamorous Lengths customers who have made a purchase before  30th September 2013 will receive £50 discount with Belle Academy nano ring hair extension training.

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