The recent outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting and changing our day to day lives in a way we had never imagined pre-2020. All individuals should follow the below guidlines during these times:
– Keep a distance of 2 metres from other individuals
– Wash hands using warm water and soap more often (or more than 20 seconds), but especially when you get home or to your workplace, blow your nose, sneeze or cough and eat or hand food.

Business as usual
We would like to reassure all our customers during these uncertain times that we are fulfilling orders as normal and therefore rest assured, the ability to purchase your hair extensions and have them despatched in the same time frame is still available – albeit with some courier lead time delays.

Unable to get to your hair extensions fitted/ refitted due to Social Distancing?
We sell clips ins which are easy to apply yourself and take in and out as you please giving your hair the rest it needs during these times. Additionally, during this period we are donating 5% of all revenue from our clip in selection to the help Age UK to be there for the elderly during this crisis period.
We will be making weekly donations to ensure that Age UK get the support they need at this time. You can also get involved:

Self-Care of Hair Extensions
Keep hair clean and washed using our GL shampoo & conditioner which won’t dry out the ends.

If you have removed your hair extensions and want a deep hair treatment on your natural hair to make it grow thicker and shinier, you can use our Argan oil blend which has specific ingredients designed to nourish and restore your own hair. You simply need to rub it into your scalp and hair and leave overnight or a couple of days if you can, then wash it out. You can also use it on the mid-lengths to ends of your hair extensions.

Remember to keep your hair brushed daily during quarantine. This will minimise any knots or tangled and prevent matting. It is advisable to keep it in a plait with oil on the mid-lengths to ends.

Courier Delays
Please check local updates to see the impact that this may have on Royal Mail’s ability to carry out your delivery. More information can be found via:

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