Hair Extension Courses

Hair Extension Courses

Hair extension courses are a necessity if you plan on being in the hair business. Hair extensions are all the rage not only among celebrities but among anyone that wants to change up their hair style quickly without waiting for their own hair to grow out. In some cases extensions are the only way a person is able to sport a specific hair style.

Applying extensions correctly so that they look natural is not as easy as it sounds. The proper technique is absolutely mandatory if you want your clients to wear the style well. Hair extension courses can help you to perfect your craft.

Anyone that wants to be able to use hair extensions can take these courses even if it is not your profession and simply something you want to have a good understanding of how to do. Since it is such a hot trend and will likely be around for awhile you will use what you learn in this type of course for a long time.

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our hair extension courses (micro ring)



Nano ring hair extension course £229 (Half day)


our hair extension courses (nano ring)


3 Method Hair Extensions Master Class £795 (2 day course)



5 Method Hair Extensions Pro Class £995 (3 day course)



7 Method Hair Extensions Live Class £1495 (5 day course (1 Day in a top London salon)

Exclusive training all 7 methods including a full training day in a top London salon – £1495



What Are Hair Extensions?

Most people think about hair extensions as pieces of hair that can be weaved or glued into place to lengthen the hair. They are in fact a great way to lengthen natural hair but they are also a great way to add volume to thin fly away hair.

Some extensions are made from natural hair while others are made from synthetic hair. Most people would agree that if you can afford it natural hair is the way to go but do keep in mind that natural hair can get very expensive.

Due to the popularity of extensions there are many different brands and hair textures to choose from on the market today. Learning which brands are best used to achieve the desired look can also be learned by taking a course in hair extensions.

Since there are so many products to choose from having an understanding of which type of extension and which brands work best can really move you to the top of your field quickly or make you very popular with your friends and family!

Most times adding extensions requires colouring and styling as well. Simply adding extensions without additional styling steps leaves the extensions looking unnatural. They can also be curled, straightened, blown out and styled as natural hair but with special restrictions. Understanding those restrictions are an important part of the process that can not be overlooked.


How Do You Add Extensions?

Typically extensions are either weaved in with the natural hair or glued in. In some cases a combination of weaving and gluing is used. The tricky part is knowing which technique is best to use. There are certain considerations that have to be made before the process begins.

Taking a course on hair extensions will teach you how to recognise when it is best to use which technique. Using the wrong technique can actually cause damage to the natural hair and leave the extensions looking rather shabby!


Careers in Hair extensions

We know that hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular and that they are very costly.  The salons that specialize in them are very up scale and cater to an elite clientèle.  Hmmm.  Might there be a career opportunity in there?

If you are a hair stylist already and want to expand your resume or if you’re looking to specialize in extensions exclusively or an addition to your current services, our hair extension courses will help you get the skills you need for a new career.

Training is extensive.  There are courses in pre bonded, micro ring, ultrasonic cold fusion and weaving.  We at Glamorous Lengths have mastered the art, the sheer variety indicates a field with lots of options, lots of challenge and an ever-evolving menu of techniques to keep you engaged and learning.  And earning a nice income. Selecting the right hair extension courses for you or learning all the methods Glamorous lengths is the way to go.

Hair extensions are big business, and earnings for experts in the field are growing as well.

Long popular among the Afro-Caribbean population, extensions have crossed all barriers and age ranges.  Fueled by shampoo commercials, reality television and runway models, hair extensions give us all the possibility of having what nature has denied us.

Our hair extension courses prices are from £250-1599. You can go from relatively brief  tuition to intense training based with salon training also.  All our courses includes training kits everything you need to get started after your hair extensions courses is complete.  Employment opportunities after you have acquired the requisite licenses include multi-discipline salons that offer all sorts of services, speciality salons that do extensions exclusively or even self-employment or your own salon.

As extensions continue to increase in popularity and the methods of application continue to provide more options and price ranges for more clients, the job opportunities will continue to grow as well.

Whether you’ve ever been in the hair design business or are an experienced professional, the field of hair extensions can expand your career and earnings opportunities.

What a wonderful day we live in; all of us can have the glorious hair we’ve always dreamed of, and make a healthy living providing beautiful hair to others.

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