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"No, the'sick scholar 'has long been destroyed by Zheng Sanjiang, who peeled off his face to make a mask.." Ding Hao explained the origin of Fei Ruo's foolish mask and the process of Chu Suyu's transfiguration in order to seek revenge. Then he added, "She should have known about my relationship with you. Maybe she didn't dare to reveal her identity, so she deliberately didn't mention it. It's no wonder. The people taught by Banyue are willing to get it. She should be careful." "Ah!"! I can't believe it No wonder I always felt something was wrong when I did it. I didn't think about it deeply at that time. I just thought about his evil deeds in those years. Awful "Did you hurt her?" "This.." This She was slapped by me and ran away vomiting blood. Ding Hao's heart suddenly sank, and few of his father-in-law could stand it. If the internal injury was serious, he might as well meet the enemy of the "sick scholar" in the past, and the problem would be serious. Where was she injured? "" Chenliu, not far from Kaifeng. " Yu Huayu frowned: "Really, if she had shown her identity at that time, there would have been no misunderstanding." You'd better go and see her. I can't rest easy if she gets into any other accident because of this. By the way, you said that Miss Chu was brought up by His Holiness. She should know where His Holiness came from? "She did not know that His Holiness, except for a few close relatives, never showed his true face, let alone where he came from, and he still wears a mask of human skin." "Well!"! Everyone who hides his true face There must be intentions. She grew up in Japan and came back to the Central Plains to seek her roots and revenge. She knew for sure that her enemies were in the Central Plains. "Yes,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, it is judged to be a cold-blooded Shura." Then, Ding Hao told Chu Suyu's "Dazang Master" about her father's last words. Cold-blooded Shura, this. This A mean and vicious thing. He did a lot of evil in the Central Plains Wulin. Unexpectedly, he disappeared to Japan. If you say so, he has returned to the Central Plains. If this is not removed, it is bound to cause a bloody storm again. After a pause, he went on to say,saw palmetto extract, "The reason why your second uncle wandered around Japan in those years was that he instigated dissension and made my brothers turn against each other. Your second uncle has a strong personality and would rather be indomitable. It's a pity.." He died without knowing that he had been trapped by the cold-blooded man. "Ah!" The old father-in-law didn't say why, and Ding Hao couldn't ask. After decades of absence, I can't imagine.. He has buried his bones in a foreign land. "Is the news of Uncle's death true?" "It should be true, otherwise the one who pretends to be Yu Hong will never dare to play this trick." Said, repeatedly gritted his teeth: "Now that I have his news, I will not let him go." "It's up to the son-in-law to take care of the father-in-law." Ding Hao's eyes flashed. Yu Huayu took out a small bag of tricks from his bosom towel, and tears welled up in his eyes. This is something handed down from the ancestors of the Yu family. Your second uncle was so angry that he split it into two with a sword, which means.. Brotherly love is broken forever. My hands are shaking. Ding Hao listened quietly and could not be pecked. Yu Huayu took something out of the bag of tricks with a trembling hand. Jade Lion Paperweight! "Ding Hao screamed like an electric shock." Pretty good. It's half a jade lion paperweight. Did the good son-in-law listen to Wen Lan? "No.." No! "Ding Hao is trembling." What about colleagues? Ding Hao also took out half of the jade lion paperweight that Chu Suyu had given him from his bosom. "When Yu Huayu came, his old eyes widened and he began to shake." Good son-in-law, you.. What are you.. "This is.." Miss Chu.. Evidence of root-seeking. "Ah!" Yu Huayu also left the chair to get up, his body shaking to fall: "So, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,lycopene for skin, she … … She is you. Second uncle's orphan, she. Ding Hao's inner shock is indescribable, Chu Suyu will be his sister-in-law, she found the root is Qi Yunzhuang, this is too incredible, he is like a feather in the wind, with the wind up and down spin. He's never been so excited. For a long time, for a long time, his mood calmed down. He pressed half of the jade lion paperweight from Yu Huayu's hand. Sure enough, it was completely sewn together, 100% true. However, the problem came again. Father in law, she.. Why is the surname Chu? "This.." Yu Huayu was still excited. It took him a long time to adjust his breath. "Maybe she was adopted because of her unknown life experience. She took a name at random. Of course, there may be other reasons. You have to ask her.". ” "My son-in-law wants to." Set out to find her at once? "Well, you go and find the echo waiting for you on the island, and you take the token with you." "I want Fang Ping to accompany you back to the island." "No, I have to follow people, Fang Ping should follow you, she is a woman, sometimes." "Maybe it's more convenient, you know what I mean?" "My son-in-law does!" "Then get ready to go and hope nothing happens to her." Ding Hao went straight to Chen Liu all night, and Fang Ping and Little Jasmine turned into a pair of handsome bookworms. Later that day, she went to Chenliu. After joining the shop, Little Jasmine immediately went out to look for clues. Although the organization of the Empty Gate was not as huge as the Beggars' Sect, there were disciples everywhere? With their trade. There are several ways to find out information and find people. Fang Ping accompanied Ding Hao to drink in the shop, waiting for the news of Little Jasmine. Ding Hao's heart was very heavy, and he didn't open his mouth very much. He only drank stuffy wine. It has been several days since Yu Huayu injured Chu Suyu. Who knows if she is still in Chen Liu? If she has already left, she will want to spend a lot of time looking for her. In the second watch, the little jasmine turned around. As soon as Ding Hao looked at her face, he knew the situation was not optimistic. "Little Jasmine, any news?" Ding Hao couldn't wait to ask. There is news, but. "But what?" Fang Ping answered. Little Jasmine poured herself a cup of tea and drank it, clearing her throat before opening her mouth. I went out to find the person in charge of this place, and he ordered all the disciples of the same school to investigate the whereabouts of the'sick scholar 'separately. As a result, it was found that Miss Chu and Little Taohong had left Chen Liu three days ago.. "Left three days ago?" Ding Hao frowned. " Later, the person in charge sent out an urgent message, asking the disciples of this school in the nearby hundred-mile town to assist in the search. There will be news tomorrow at the latest? Let's wait !” "Little Jasmine, thanks for your hard work. Sit down and eat something." "I just ate,ghana seed extract, no need." At that moment, the bartender came to the door. Is that the second housekeeper? Ding Hao and Fang Ping Leng, how can there be a second housekeeper.
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