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The three princes in the room have seen it, and Xiuer has seen it twice, and the other is the second prince. Although sitting, but from the long legs can still see the same height as Ziyang, the face can not be said to have any characteristics, but a face of treacherous expression, eyes flashing elusive light. He has been staring at me since I entered the door. I am very uncomfortable. To put it simply, I am a little afraid of his eyes. He stood up and walked in front of me, unable to hear any emotional tone. "Dare you ask that day when Xiuer led someone to beat this young man?" I hesitated and nodded gently. I saw him turn around and raise his arm. "Pow!" A bus palm with a round arm fanned the face of Xiuer standing beside her, and Xiuer flew out and smashed the table. The left side of his face swelled up and blood dripped down the corners of his mouth. I've never seen anything like this before, and I can't help shaking. But the man faced me again in the same tone. "The king has been taught a lesson. I wonder if you are satisfied?" The flat voice seemed that it was not him who had just hit him. I'm holding the table. It's terrible. The fifth brother, the third brother's Xiuer beat Xiao Jiu's boy pet, in fact, I also feel sorry in my heart. What! This twinkling of an eye, said so hateful! My anger flared up again. Second brother, please pay attention to your words. Mr. Xu is a distinguished guest in my house and a friend of Yue. Please don't insult him. Ziyang pulled the moon who was about to go crazy. He also held down me who was not convinced. Oh? A distinguished guest. However, the rumor of this person is not consistent with this, oh, I heard. Is the new favorite of your brothers. Fifth brother, don't deny some things. It's clear that it's a provocative tone. Even Ziyang began to get a little angry. He turned his eyes away from me and looked at Ziyue. "Xiao Jiu, ah, no." Month,facial recognition thermometer, today I also played, you see in the second prince my face, can you let people go? Seeing the moon and ignoring him, he was not annoyed, and continued: "But, Moon, isn't there something wrong with your favorite, too? I heard he started it." When the month heard this,smart interactive whiteboard, she stared at him with burning eyes and clenched her fists. The second prince smiled and said, "Such an arrogant pet has a certain flavor.". But those who are not obedient should be thrown away. Climb a kiss for the time being. Second brother, I have a few more. Apart from anything else, they are beautiful and obedient and don't cause trouble. I don't know if the fifth brother and the ninth brother want it or not? "Second brother, please respect yourself.". Some words are not suitable for your status, it is better to say less. Ziyang said coolly. Oh? Identity? Yeah, right. Third brother, take care of your things in the future. Don't mess with our five princes who hold great power easily. Otherwise, the consequences.. I won't bother you today, and the brothers will often come and go in the future, so that this unpleasant thing will not happen again. Take your leave. Words fall, people have gone out. The three princes, who had been too frightened to speak, stood up trembling, hurried over to pick up Xiuer, who had been sitting on the ground slowly, digital whiteboard price ,temperature screening kiosk, glared at me mercilessly, and followed. I suddenly soft down, leaning on the body of the month, the two princes, give me a feeling of Shura, cruel, cunning, to achieve the end by hook or by crook. Ziyang looked at me, who was held in the arms of the moon, with a dim look. "Yue, take Lin to rest." z Holding the hairpin, sitting at the table, the events of the past few days are in my mind. It seems that because of me, I caused trouble for Yue and Ziyang. Look at the two of them, it seems that they don't want to make trouble with the two princes. I patted my head, hairpin, if I didn't want to buy this, I wouldn't have met the third prince, and there wouldn't be a quarrel, then there would be nothing later, and naturally I wouldn't see what I didn't want to see because I wanted to give it to Ziyang. Ah, what a mess. Suddenly, the phrase "the second prince" popped up in my mind. I have.. Send a few. A little doubt, is it difficult for that Xiuer. Will the second prince "send" to the third prince? Several court life experiences made me feel vaguely that the third prince should be wooed by the second prince, and Xiuer was the "gift" at the right time. In that case, surveillance-I'm afraid that's Xiuer's real task. Another complicated court. XIV. I told Ziyue my guess, and he looked at me in surprise, with "How do you know" written in his eyes. Yue, is Ziyang very powerful. Is it true that the second prince said he held great power? The person opposite looked at me with complicated eyes, suspicious and reluctant to hear me mention another person. But after a little silence, he decided to tell me. Spent two hours, in the month of intermittent "tell", I finally understand him and Ziyang's current situation. With his perseverance and hard work, the nine-year-old boy entered the court at the age of fourteen, and because of his outstanding literary talent and military strategy, he was given the title of "Protector of the Country". In addition, Ziyang fulfilled his promise of never fighting for the throne and wholeheartedly assisted the emperor in governing the country. The emperor naturally loved such an excellent son and courtier, and he was already the emperor's right-hand man. However, the emperor is also really at ease, unexpectedly gave one third of the country's military power to Ziyang, I secretly think if not Ziyang is a good man, the emperor has to be more nervous, but fortunately the emperor did not see the wrong person. Another third of the military power was in the hands of the emperor himself, while the other third was divided equally among the first, second, third, sixth, and seventh princes. Naturally, the fourth and eighth princesses could not interfere in state affairs. In this way,interactive kiosk price, Ziyang, who really held great power, was regarded as an eyesore by the cunning two princes and the sinister seven princes.
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