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The surviving swordsmen had wine sachets with them. They took one, poured several mouthfuls, and shouted, "Look at me." They fell on their backs. They were startled and looked at each other. After a while, someone said, "He's drunk." Gu Shenwei was so angry that he almost killed the third son with a knife. Only then did he understand the origin of Jiang Chenghai's nickname, which clearly meant "pour three cups". However, Dao San was so drunk that he woke up quickly. In less than a stick of incense, he got up. Like a man who had nothing to do, he found a set of silver helmet and silver armor from the wooden box and put it on his body. Holding a huge round shield, he said goodbye to everyone again. "Wait for me for three days. As soon as the Iron Mountain Army arrived, Xiao Xiao fled." More than thirty people fired at the enemy below the steep slope, disturbing the defense, and the gilded arrows were very popular after they fell to the ground. With a loud roar, the horse rushed down. Dozens of pairs of eyes watched the heroic inverted three son rushed into the enemy, such as Zhao Zilong in and out of the Cao camp, and then watched him fall into a tight encirclement,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and roared a few times, quietly. This is an open battle, and the killers are helpless. It was already daybreak, and the dozens of bandits below the steep slope suddenly shouted in unison, "As long as the people of Jinpeng Fort, the irrelevant people will recede quickly." He shouted more than a dozen times, and the people at the top of the slope heard it. Meng Mingshi poked his head out of the earthen pagoda and listened attentively. He jumped up to Huan Nu and grabbed his skirt. His eyes were burning. "You lied to me. You lied to me. It was your Jinpeng Fort that caused trouble. It had nothing to do with my Meng family." To push Meng Wu away,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, Gu Shen said indifferently, "This is a plan to alienate people. Anyone who goes down will be killed." Meng Mingshi rolled his eyes and hesitated. Just at this time, the gentle slope side also came out of thirty people, the same loud to surrender, they are not bandits, but last night when the enemy fell into the hands of the prisoners, several of the swordsmen of the Meng family. Meng Mingshi had made up his mind and raised his arms and shouted, "I surrender. The people of the Meng family will go down the mountain with me to surrender. We don't have to die here with the people of Jinpeng Fort." Gu Shenwei never thought there would be such a stupid person in the world. "Don't fall into the trap. You will all be killed if you fall into the enemy's hands." None of the Meng family believed in Huan Nu now. The swordsmen threw down their longbows, and the handymen walked out of the earthen pagoda and surrounded the little master to support the surrender. Shangguan Ru and Shangguan Yu pulled out their swords and denounced the Meng family as traitors. Gu Shenwei said that he was not convinced by Meng Mingshi, so he had to push out the killer with the flag on his back. The killer with the flag on his back hesitated for a while, but he didn't stand on the side of Huan Nu. "I'm from Jinpeng Fort. Stay here. Let the others decide for themselves." Gu Shenwei was very surprised. He thought that Jinpeng Fort killers were almost the same as Tie Hanfeng. He could always see through the enemy's plot at a glance. Now he realized that just like the strength of the knife, the killer's insight was also high or low. To persuade the two sons of the Shangguan family to put away their swords, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, Gu Shen said, "Those who are willing to surrender can go down the mountain. Please remember my words. The enemy will kill you all. This is not an ordinary robbery. The bandits don't leave any survivors." How many people care what a 16-year-old killer says? All the people of the Meng family followed the little master down the gentle slope, and Qing Nu looked at their backs with tears in his eyes, regretting that he had not changed his family earlier. Only one of the non-Jinpengbao people was left. Fang Wen walked a few steps behind the surrendees of the Meng family, then turned around and returned to his original position. He shook his head and sighed repeatedly, not knowing what it meant. There were still fifteen men left at the top of the slope, and there were quite a few horses and camels, enough for one man to have two. A cry came from the enemy camp at the foot of the slope. "That's her. The short one disguised as a man. Shangguan Ru, the tomboy of Shangguan's family. The five young ones are apprentices. They are all the people you want." It was Meng Mingshi, who not only surrendered, but also claimed credit, pointing to the top of the slope and shouting. With a livid face in the rain, Shangguan shot a gilded arrow and flew to the front of Meng Wu's son and was caught in the hands of a black-robed woman. Dog traitor! Shangguan Ru said angrily. A black-robed woman spoke, her voice was as harsh as metal friction, and everyone at the top of the slope could hear it clearly, "Go south, the people of Jinpeng Fort go south, stop, and kill at sunset!" Qing Nu sat down on the ground and muttered to himself, "Why are you going south?"? Why are you going south? The flag-carrying killer sighed. "It seems that we can only take one step at a time.". ” Gu Shenwei shook his head. "No, we can't go south. Get ready. We'll rush down before sunset." "Just these people?"? There are hundreds of people down there. The flag-carrying killer couldn't believe the young leader's words. Gu Shenwei actually had no opinions in his mind, and he intuitively believed that going forward was the only right choice. Throw out all the treasure. The bandits love money. Let them loot. Let's break through in the chaos. "What if you can't get out?" Qing Nu asked in a trembling voice, and at this time he could not control the gifts. Die in it. Gu Shenwei said that he did not understand how anyone could not understand such a simple truth. He doesn't want to die, he wants revenge, but killer training has unconsciously transformed his thinking habits, regarding death as a common thing that comes at any time, and practicing the nameless sword spectrum pushes this idea to the extreme. Qing Nu was not a killer, and he was too frightened to say a word. Xiao Sui, the maid, didn't speak much all the way. At the critical moment, there was a flash of inspiration in her mind. "I was given to the'Big Head God '. Is it not the people of Jinpeng Fort?" They turned around and looked at her. For the first time, Xiao Sui showed his brave and resolute temperament. He looked at more than a dozen pairs of eyes without fear. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that what he said was reasonable. Although it had not been sent to the "Big Head God", she was the person of Tieshan when she walked out of Jinpeng Fort. These killers only had ten sons in their eyes. Who would try to protect a concubine? Gu Shenwei did not intend to retain Xiao Sui, she left but less of a burden, he now has only one purpose, to save the life of Shangguan, so that he has a chance to kill the ten childe in the future. However, without waiting for Gu Shenwei to open his mouth, the bandits at the foot of the mountain answered first. One by one,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, the heads were thrown to the top of the slope and rolled around, all of them Meng's family members. The enemy is demonstrating against the people at the top of the slope with the method of Jinpeng Fort. Xiao Sui's face turned from white to red, and then from red to red. He gasped and fell into Fang Wen's arms.
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