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2in1 Travel SystemA 2in1 travel system allows you to easily transfer your child from their car seat to their stroller without waking them. They're often a bit more expensive than standalone pushchairs, but they provide more convenience and flexibility.Pick a model that matches your lifestyle and needs for travel. Think about a combo car seat and stroller that can grow with your child, or one that has a large basket that can hold everything from nappies up to the day's food.ConvenienceA 2 in 1 travel system is the ideal option for parents looking to take their child along with them on their regular outings. The travel system comes with a pushchair that can be connected to car seats, making it easy to transfer the baby from the car into the pram. There are many different combinations of this type of travel system, so you should pick one that is suitable for your needs. Also, 2 in 1 prams should look for a pushchair that is comfortable and has plenty of features for your baby, such as a spacious basket and the capability to fold the pram to store it. You can even find models that let you install the car seat forward or rearward-facing. This is a great choice for babies who aren't yet ready to walk yet.FlexibilityA baby travel system can be an essential tool. It can be difficult to leave the house with a baby. Nappies, wipes and clothing take up more space than you imagine. When you add a car seat to the mix, it's more of a challenge. You'll need to keep track of your keys and nappy bag, as well as your phone, wallet and wallet. In addition, you have to remember the baby who is sleeping that you don't want to disturb. A 2in1 travel system offers you a pushchair and car seat that are attached to the same frame, so you don't have to wake your little one to get them into the car. This type of pram makes life easier for parents because of its flexibility.Some travel systems can be used with a seat and carrycot unit and others with a seat unit only (carrycot not included). It is important to consider this option when selecting your stroller.
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