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Jaguar XF Key FeaturesJaguar's keyfobs come with amazing features. They allow you to "double-lock" your vehicle to deter thieves.If your key fob battery starts to run low then you'll need to replace it. Jaguar Monmouth has provided you with these easy steps for an easy replacement.The Jaguar Smart KeyWith Jaguar Smart Key, you can avoid the days that you had to dig through your pockets or bag to find your car keys. It's a simple feature that will add another layer of security to your Jaguar SUV. It allows you to "double lock" your Jaguar and includes other advanced features that make your Boca Raton drives more convenient.If you're driving a brand-new Jaguar XE S or XE R-Dynamic it's part of the $1,200 Convenience Package available to you. This upgrade lets you open the doors of your vehicle and disable the alarm with your Jaguar Smart Key or buttons on the door handles. Once you're ready to enter, simply approach the vehicle with your Smart Key fob or key on your person and grab the door handle.Your Jaguar Smart Key also comes with a lock icon that will lock your doors, set the alarm, or "double lock" it, which means that you'll require a key to unlock or open it even if someone smashes through a window. You can also select an unlock icon which will activate your headlights for 25 seconds. A luggage icon will unlock your trunk and a red triangular image will trigger the panic alert.The Jaguar Activity KeyThe Jaguar Activity Key is an intelligent wristband that lets you to store your Jaguar SUV's traditional key fob in a pocket. It's lightweight, shockproof, and fully waterproof accessory that you can slip onto your wrist when you're ready take your adventure to the next level.It's really easy. After you lock your car using the traditional key fob in its place and close all of its doors by pressing and holding your Activity Key up against the "J" of the Jaguar script on the tailgate for 30 seconds. The hazard lights on your vehicle will blink while the primary key inside the cabin will stop working.This is a great option for drivers in Scottsdale who are often out kayaking, fishing or surfing and do not want to lose their valuable key fob. If you'd like to find out whether your Jaguar is eligible for the Jaguar Activity Key, come see us here at Jaguar Glen Cove today.We're always happy to walk you through the process and make sure everything is set up correctly for you. Our team is always ready to answer any questions you have. You'll be amazed by the freedom this small gadget will afford you!The Jaguar Keyless Entry SystemThe Smart Key's proximity sensor can tell when you're close to your Jaguar. When you're within 39 inches of it, you can unlock your vehicle by operating one of the door handles or the luggage compartment release button. This will eliminate the need to rummage through your purse or pockets to find keys, allowing you to save time and keep your hands clean while you're juggling things around inside your car Rumson.You can also lock your Jaguar by pressing the lock icon on the Smart Key. Press it once to trigger the alarm or press it twice to "double lock" your vehicle, making it much more difficult for thieves to gain entry through a cracked window. The Smart Key also features an unlock icon that allows you to open your Jaguar trunk and doors using the remote key fob, and a headlamp symbol that will turn on the Jaguar's lighting for a period of 25 minutes.With the Convenience Package you can add Keyless Entry for your Jaguar XE or XE Dynamic. This package also includes a tailgate that can be adjusted with a soft-closing mechanism, a, and an electrically adjustable electric steering column. It's another example of safety convenience, luxury, and convenience features that make the new Jaguar XE such an appealing option for drivers who are discerning near Jersey City.The Jaguar Alarm SystemJaguar's InControl technology is designed to connect drivers to the vehicle. Its features include vehicle tracking remote connectivity and security in addition to an app that allows drivers to control their car's settings. Jaguar offers a package called InControl Secure that includes a theft alert system that works with police to help find your car that was stolen.InControl App allows you to easily access and manage Jaguar security features including the Smart Key, the Activity Key and other safety features. In addition, the app has a number of features to improve your driving experience. For instance, it can alert you when your Jaguar is parked too long. It will also notify you if you're in the vicinity of speed cameras or other dangers on the road.If leave your Jaguar unattended If you do leave it unattended, the InControl App will automatically activate the horn and lights to attract attention. In addition the system can shut down your engine and activate the alarm to deter thieves. The alarm will also send an alert to your mobile, and an InControl representative will be in touch to help with the recovery of your vehicle.The Jaguar Activity Key is a lightweight and shockproof wristband that lets you to lock and unlock your vehicle without needing an ordinary key fob at the hand. Outdoor enthusiasts can use it to protect themselves from losing or damaging their primary key fob when they are skiing, mountain biking or hiking. The wristband can be set to open the driver's side door or all doors, including the luggage compartment. You can also make the wristband turn on your headlamps and activate/deactivate panic alarm for 25 seconds.
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