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Under Oregon’s medical marijuana laws, individuals with a qualifying condition can buy, use, and grow medical marijuana if they obtain a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed physician. Qualifying medical conditions include: EUGENE, Ore. - Oregon voters MyOnlineCannabis: will decide in November if the state should have dispensaries to sell medical marijuana., Now, some of the roughly 28,000 medical patients left are struggling to find affordable medical marijuana products they've relied on for years. While the state is awash in dry marijuana flower that's dirt cheap, the specialized oils, tinctures and potent edibles used to alleviate severe illnesses can be harder to find and more expensive to buy. The certification process in Oregon is similar to many other medical states. Patients will need to obtain a signed recommendation for medical cannabis from a licensed medical marijuana doctor first in order to apply with the state for a medical card.list of licensed marijuana producers in canadaTilray Brands. "Tilray & Aphria Announce Closing of Transaction That Creates the "New" Tilray – A Global Cannabis Leader." Cannabis products are labelled with specific information about the product. Some important information to look for is the type, of strain, expiry date, packaged date, product weight, recommended storage, and intended, use. You can learn about all the requirements. Under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations ACMPR program now in effect the decision to use marijuana for medical purposes is now between the patient and physician alone. Within the Greenleaf Medical Clinic a patient must have a prior diagnosis within the past five years from a Canadian physician. A patient must be followed by a family doctor or specialist within the past year to be eligible for an appointment. If you do not have a family doctor it is still ok if you frequent a walk in clinic.smoking marijuana in an apartmentThe Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 Tuesday to approve the ordinance making San Francisco the largest city in the country to ban tobacco smoking inside apartments, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. With marijuana legal, those who toke have no more rights than cigarette, smokers. And being a smoker is not a protected category under federal or Michigan law. Smokers can even be denied work, simply based on their conduct. Workers who test positive for marijuana can be fired. Oops! That page can’t be found Like with banks, insurance providers may have specific requirements you must follow to maintain insurance. Allowing marijuana use on your property may cause insurance companies to deny E&OE (errors and omissions excepted) insurance. Others may deny any claims associated with any legal marijuana use.
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