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"For one thing," said Gengyao with a smile, "this thief already knows our inside story. He knows that if there is a fight, although the Fourteen Princes have ordered his brother to come and assassinate him, he may not be willing to come forward to avenge him. Second, since the head of the good brother is worth five thousand silver, he may not be willing to die of this greedy heart. Third, I guess this thief may not be able to directly see the fourteen princes, then his brother, but also a slave of the fourteen Wangfu, if he does not take the head of the good brother, how dare to see the fourteen princes. Therefore, in my opinion, he will never go to Peking for a while. Either he will come here again to fool around, or he will wait for us to go north to intercept him. However, in order to prevent ten thousand people from seeing each other, my good brother might as well send someone to the capital first, and report the matter here to Prince Yong, so as not to take it amiss after returning to the capital. Gao Ming said with a smile, "I wouldn't take it amiss if I stayed here. I'm afraid I'm the 14th elder brother. He got the news for the sake of preemption. If he said something in the palace, it would be a bit troublesome." Gengyao pondered for a moment and said, "In that case, it's not too late to examine the wound and report the case here. You can order Brother Ma to accompany Zaize to the county government office to handle the matter as soon as possible. On the one hand, you can still send a special person to present the matter to Prince Ming in advance for preparation." Gao Ming said thoughtfully, "I'm afraid I can't send someone. I think I have to go back by myself so that I can speak freely to my house. Now you and I have two horses, both of which are dragon horses that travel thousands of miles a day. Can Elder Brother go to Beijing with me?" "I'm anxious to go back to Beijing because I have something to do,Magnesium Oxide price," said Gengyao. "If I can keep company with my good brother, that would be the best thing. I think Brother Ma and Zai Ze Nian Gui can stay here for a while and urge Li Ling to fold the papers and go up in detail. Then it's all right. There's really no need for everyone to stay here. But Brother Ma's injury has not yet healed. It's just that I can't rest assured. Ma Tianxiong was lying in bed when he heard this. "My wound has healed," he said hurriedly. "It's just that the wound hasn't closed yet. You two just go ahead. There's no harm. If Li Ruhu comes again, I can send him back all the same." With a smile, he sat up from the bed, tied his hands, and went to the county government office with Zaize. That Li Zhi county hospitality examination, fold into a document to go up in detail, and greatly sent a sum of Cheng Yi and the cost of recovery. Although Tianxiong resigned,dap diammonium phosphate, he could not hold up Zaize, who had done a good job of doing evil, but accepted it instead of mentioning it. Here Gao Ming and Gengyao two people are juvenile behavior, thought to do, such as Tianxiong came back, each comfort a few words, ordered each good health to serve, and told Zhang Jie, secretly add meaning to protect, then since the horse on the journey, time to toss and turn, also at noon, two horses straight to the north gate, in a twinkling of an eye then out of the north gate, to the door of Sanhexing Inn, two people can not help but slow down, Looking around on the horse, I saw that the door of the shop was closed, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, the county government had already added a seal, and a watchman sent by the local guard was sitting in front of the door, basking in the sun, and talking to a man in short clothes in his forties. The two of them did not pay attention to it, so they left after a short glance. The weather was cold and the sun was short, and at dusk I had only traveled a hundred miles. Because I was on my way to a broken station, I didn't stop in any big town. I turned to rest in a desolate village with hundreds of families, and hurried to find a small shop to live in. The original intention is just to eat a little, so that two good horses can also drink water and feed, and then go on their way. Who would have thought that when they settled down, the north wind was strong, and there was snow in the sky. They were afraid that it would be difficult to travel in the dark when it snowed. They saw that although the shop was very small, it was still clean. After discussing with each other, they simply spent the night before leaving. There were only two entrances in the front and two entrances in the back, and three upper rooms in the back. It had not been newly built for a long time, and the chalk on the walls was still fresh, except for the bedding and pillows. The two of them settled down and called the waiter to ask. It was only then that they realized that there was no shop in that small village, but because of the temple fair held recently, people often came to burn incense and worship Buddha, so they opened this small shop. The shopkeeper only had two sisters-in-law, but they were good at cooking, so all the people nearby called it the sister-in-law shop. When they heard this, they were busy preparing wine and food for dinner together. Not long after, she saw an enchanting young woman coming up with a wooden plate containing a large plate of stewed beef, a smoked chicken, a large pot of wine, and two cups and chopsticks. Smiling, she put the dishes on the table one by one. Then she filled the table with wine and said with a smile, "Our Lijiaji place is too small to do any good food. The two guests will make do with some.". ” As soon as Gao Nian tasted the food and wine, both of them were very delicious. It was very strange. Both of them asked with a smile, "Is this food and wine made by sister-in-law?" That woman laughs: "Do not do well, still ask two to forgive a bit more." "You've got it backwards," said Gao Ming. "It's because I've done so well. How can this little place have such means? So it's strange. Why do you say so?" The woman took one look at him and said with a smile, "We were in a big town, too. We moved home because something happened to us. We didn't do well. Please forgive us." Gao Ming looked at the woman again and saw that she was less than thirty years old. She was dressed in blue silk clothes and trousers, covered with a blue cloth apron, and covered with a blue silk on her head. She had a snow-white round face and a little makeup. Although she was not a stunning figure, Xu Niang was not old, and she looked beautiful. She could not help asking, "What's your name, sister-in-law?"? Do you own this shop? "Why don't you teach the waiter to entertain the guests and serve the guests yourself?" The woman said with a smile, "My surname is Li. My boss used to run a restaurant in Kaifeng, but he hurt someone because he didn't get along with someone. Now he's running around outside, and the restaurant is closed.". I was born here, so I brought my sister-in-law back to open this small shop. Originally, it was the duty of the waiter to serve the guests. Just because I saw that the two guests were not ordinary vendors, I was afraid that the men would take offense, so I came by myself. Then he smiled again and took out his handkerchief to cover his mouth. He glanced at Gengyao again and said, "Both of you are wearing swords and don't have any luggage. Are you an officer from one of the yamen?" Gengyao said, "It's too early for you to leave. It's still too early. We're all going to the capital to take the military examination. Just because all the people in the big gang are behind us, our horses are fast and we miss the dormitory. Otherwise, can we stay here?" Gao Ming didn't understand this, so he had to follow his lead and said, "We are all going to the end of the military examination. You should take good care of us. When we leave tomorrow, we will not be stingy with our rewards." The woman added with a charming smile, "So you're both Juren masters. If you go to the capital this time, are you still afraid that you won't win the first prize?" "Thank you,Magnesium Oxide price, sister-in-law," said Gengyao with a smile. "Sure enough, we must thank you when we come back from Beijing." 。
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