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He was very excited to have the idea of running so far away immediately after taking the sword of a hundred battles. With the help of skis, he could return to his warm home in Xianyang in thirty days at most. Is there anything more pleasant in the world? He dived from the snow forest on the left of Jixia Academy to the east wall, displayed the skills that the special forces were good at, and climbed into the outer wall of the Academy, which was only one third of the height of Linzi Wall. After identifying the main group, Xiang Shaolong woke up twelve spirits and dived towards the target. Under the light of the lantern, the paths and corridors connecting the courtyards were cold and clear, and there was no noise, except for the clear sound of playing the flute in the distance, which was peaceful. At this time, when the first watch was approaching, most people went to bed early and slept soundly, which provided great convenience for Xiang Shaolong. When they reached the garden of the main hall, they saw three men dressed as scribes passing by. Xiang Shaolong hurriedly hid behind a Bush, but the three men suddenly stopped to enjoy the snow. Xiang Shaolong was so tired that he could not move forward or backward, and he was forced to listen to their answers. One of them suddenly discussed the question of "Heaven" and said, "The first thing in governing a country is to know Heaven. If you don't know the changes in the operation of Heaven and its inherent laws, governing the country is like scratching an itch through a boot. Does Shen Gong think so?" "Did Doctor Lao feel this way because he was afraid of the sky when he saw the heavy snow?" Asked the man named Shen Gong. Another man said with a smile, "Shen Gong is indeed a confidant of Doctor Lao, but I think he has recently studied Xun Kuang's idea of'controlling the mandate of heaven and using it ',silk ficus tree, so he came up with this remark." In the dark, Xiang Shaolong deeply realized the atmosphere of Jixia Maester's love of empty words, and only hoped that they would leave as soon as possible. Doctor Lao said earnestly, "Lord Qiu has made a mistake today. I really don't agree with Xun Kuang's idea of'making the mandate of heaven and using it '.". Xun Kuang's "discussion without governance", regardless of words and deeds, is simply divorced from reality. Guan Zhong's "man, monarch, heaven and earth" are totally different things,silk ficus tree, which is to understand the relationship between heaven and man from the urgent need of practice. Shen Gong laughed and said, "Doctor Lao has aroused my interest in talking."! Come on! Let's go back to the house to cook wine and talk at night. After the three of them had gone away, Xiang Shaolong called out to thank God and flashed out. He snaked around the frozen pool outside the main hall and came to a window on the west side of the main hall. He opened the window, pushed open a gap, and looked inside. He saw that the three-bay house was spacious and magnificent. It was a large space that could accommodate hundreds of people. At one end of the south wall, there was an altar-like platform with a square plaque hanging above it. It is engraved with the words "Jixia School". Xiang Shaolong was most impressed by the carved beams and painted red pillars at the top of the hall, which made the school look even more solemn and solemn, and made people look at it fearfully. At this time, the lobby doors and windows are closed, but there are two oil lamps on the platform, bathing the lobby in dark red light from bright to dark. The tiger's eyes wandered several times, only to find that Baizhan Dao was hanging high in the middle of the east wall, but if it jumped up, it would just touch the end of the handle. Xiang Shaolong was overjoyed. He crossed the windowsill, decorative palm trees ,Faux cherry blossom tree, turned over into the hall, and hurried to Baizhan Dao. The lobby seemed to be quiet, but Xiang Shaolong felt an indescribable feeling in his heart, which was very uncomfortable. Xiang Shaolong stopped with a blood-wave sword hilt in his hand. With a babble, the door separating the front room and the lobby opened automatically without wind. Xiang Shaolong's heart was not good, and he was about to retreat immediately, but it was too late. With a burst of cold laughter, a man in white stepped into the hall, and every time he stepped on the ground, he made a sound, forming a rhythm like a reminder. The strangest thing was that he didn't seem to be walking very fast, but Xiang Shaolong felt that the other side would be able to stop him before he exited from the window. What was even more disheartening was that the opponent's sword had not yet been unsheathed, but it had formed an irresistible and very overbearing momentum, which made him feel confident that the opponent would win. It was the first time that Xiang Shaolong had met such a terrible swordsman. Xiang Shaolong suddenly turned around and faced each other head-on. The man came to the distance in front of Xiang Shaolong and stood still. His dark hair fell loose over his broad shoulders, his nose was hooked like an eagle, and his eyes were sunken, giving him a sense of ruthlessness. His hands hanging on both sides were a little longer than the average person, and his face and hands were glittering and translucent like snow. His appearance and body shape were rare in Xiang Shaolong's life. He was taller, stronger, and heavier than the evil in the tube. His eyes were deep and unpredictable, focused and determined, as if he never needed to blink. Black hair and white skin, strong contrast, so that he seems to be the God of war in hell, suddenly came to earth. Xiang Shaolong gasped, "Cao Qiudao?" The man looked him up and down, nodded and said, "It's me. I didn't expect Cao to receive the wind this afternoon. Someone came to steal a knife this night. Give me a name and see who dares to come to Cao Qiudao's place to run wild." Xiang Shaolong's heart sank. Only Han Chuang and Xiao Yuetan knew that he had come to steal things. Of course, the latter would not betray him. The remaining one was Han Chuang, who had been saved many times by himself. He used the despicable means of borrowing a knife to kill people to harm himself, which really made him heartbroken. From the standpoint of the Jin Dynasty, Xiang Shaolong had better be killed by the Qi people. At that time, Qin and Qi were hostile to each other, which was beneficial and harmless to the Jin Dynasty. Xiang Shaolong then gave up the idea of taking the knife and leaving, but wanted to get away. He hurriedly got rid of his distracting thoughts and absorbed his mind. He pulled out the blood waves with a clang and shouted in a low voice, "Please give me some advice!" He knew that this matter was absolutely difficult, so he had to make a quick decision and run away at the right time, otherwise, if other people came, he would be even more difficult to fly. Cao Qiudao said lightly, "Good courage. In the past ten years, no one has dared to draw a sword in front of Cao.". Your Excellency can let go, because Cao has issued a strict order that no one is allowed to approach the lobby at night. Those who violate the order will be executed by Cao himself, and you are the first violator. Xiang Shaolong saw that the opponent's sword was not unsheathed, but he had already looked down on the world and was invincible. How dare he take it lightly? He bent forward slightly and pointed his sword forward. He immediately gave birth to a momentum, which could withstand the invisible mental pressure of the opponent that only a master could have. Cao Qiudao raised his eyebrows with a look of surprise. "Take out your sword,large artificial blossom trees," he said. Xiang Shaolong wished he could have said this. He had a strong fear of the swordsman who was the best in the world. So when he saw that the other side seemed to be disdainful of the sword, how could he hesitate? He used the most powerful offensive and defensive skills in the three big killing moves of Moshi Addendum. With the footwork of stepping forward, the blood waves in his hands shot Cao Qiudao.
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