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Benefits of an Integral Fridge FreezerAn integral fridge freezer seamlessly fits into your kitchen cabinets to give it an elegant and seamless appearance. These appliances offer a range of benefits such as energy efficiency, food preservation and more.Check that your integrated refrigerator freezer is installed correctly. Make sure that the ventilation system is installed in accordance with the instructions, and that it is not blocked by other appliances like dishwashers or cabinets.SizeThe fridge freezer that is integrated is an appliance built into your kitchen cabinets. It seamlessly blends into the design. These are ideal for those who like a clean look or have homes with open-plan living spaces where freestanding appliances may feel overloaded.Integrated fridges Frydge come in various sizes, but they're all made to fit into the cabinets. They're typically 60cm wide and 178cm high and they can be either fixed or sliding hinge models. If you are replacing an integrated fridge freezer, it's vital that you choose like for like in terms of split type and door opening style so that the kitchen cupboard doors can still be opened over the appliance.When you are deciding on the size of your fridge freezer with a freezer, you must take into consideration a few aspects. These include storage capacity and capacity. Generally, anything above 350 litres will be suitable for households with moderate size and can hold up to 19 bags of groceries. The capacity is also larger when you're looking to store larger items such as frozen meat or frozen food items.Most integrated fridge freezers are divided 50:50, which gives equal space for freezing and refrigeration. This is ideal for those who want mixing fresh ingredients with chilled ready meals. There are also 70/30 fridge freezers, which offer more refrigerator space for those who prefer to store a higher percentage of fresh foods in their kitchen.It's important to know that it's not a good idea you to load your refrigerator freezer integrated with large cartons or large juice bottles. The hinges on the fridge freezer aren't made to withstand this kind of weight and it can harm the appliance. To avoid this, we recommend leaving a little space either side of the fridge freezer so that you can easily access the items stored.StyleThe integrated fridge-freezers are designed to seamlessly in your cabinets that are fitted, hiding behind the fronts of cabinets so as not to interfere with their overall appearance. They combine refrigeration and freezer storage into one unit. They usually include a built-in compartment at the top that allows you to store bags of ice cream or bags of food. The most modern fridge freezers have a variety of clever features that maximize energy efficiency, and extend the freshness and taste of your food.In comparison to freestanding fridges integrated fridge freezers are generally much more expensive. They provide an elegant, modern look and are able to last longer than freestanding refrigerators. If you're building a brand new kitchen or replacing an existing fridge, our collection of integrated fridge freezers from leading brands like Bosch, Hotpoint and Neff will ensure that the appliance fits your style.The standard size for refrigerator freezers is 60cm. These appliances are available in either a sliding or fixed hinge. The right hinge will determine the fit of the doors of your cabinet.Fixed hinge models tend to have a greater variety of freezer sizes for fridges and are also more cost effective.Slide-out fridge freezers, on the other hand, are an excellent option for people who have limited space since these units have a lower depth. Some of the most recent models come with antibacterial linings to minimize odours while keeping food tasting fresher for longer and advanced temperature control that permits you to set temperature settings for different kinds of food.Other premium features include a fast chill setting and a quick freeze that rapidly reduces the size of the fridge or freezer to speed up cooling and reduce the requirement for manual defrosting. They could also feature air-flow technology that circulates cool air around the interior to eliminate odours, mould and bacteria and help your food last longer while some even have super-cool settings that accelerate your fridge's performance. Based on the model you select, there may be a wine rack or glass shelves to give you extra storage for glasses and bottles.Energy efficiencyThe integrated fridge freezers don't just perform an invisible role in your dream kitchen, they also bring clever features to the table. From reducing the hassle of daily life to increasing efficiency in energy use, look for smart fridge freezer technology like air-flow or frost-free design. Some models even defrost in a way that saves you time and effort.You'll also want to take a look at the storage options on offer and whether doors or shelves storage can be moved to suit your needs, for example if you have a lot of fruit or require space for large milk bottles. Some models can be upgraded to include a built-in wine rack.Most integrated fridge freezers will require ventilation to ensure that heat is dissipated properly. This can be accomplished via a small vent or grill on the back. Depending on the kind of installation, they might also require hardwiring or a specific outlet.Since they can lower household expenses as well as reducing energy costs, energy efficient refrigerator freezers are becoming more popular. Compare the kWh figures on the EU energy labels when shopping for an integrated model to determine how much energy the appliance will consume in the course of a year. This makes it easier to compare products and find the most affordable option for you.The integrated models typically have smaller capacities than freestanding refrigerators to permit them to fit inside cabinet housings. However, they're still capable of holding up to 8 shopping bags of food due to their spacious refrigerator compartments.The latest fridge-freezers are also more efficient and will help you save money on your electric bill. If you're considering buying an integrated model, choose one that is low in energy consumption and a high A or B rating to keep your bills lower.It's worth remembering that fridge freezers integrated into refrigerators are more difficult to access than freestanding models and are more expensive to repair in the event of a problem with them. It is therefore essential to ensure that your new appliance has an easy-to-access service panel as well as an easy-to-read user guide.StorageFridge freezers are available in a range of sizes and styles to meet your needs. Freestanding fridge freezers are a good fit in most kitchens and are the most popular. Integrated models are hidden behind cabinet doors to create a seamless appearance. There are also American style fridge-freezers with more storage space and Ice dispensers.Whether you're replacing a broken appliance or redesigning your kitchen, a fridge with an integrated freezer can help you create an elegant and fashionable look. They can be concealed behind the cabinet door to complement the design of your kitchen. They are an excellent choice for those with smaller spaces or living spaces with open layouts.You'll need to think about the capacity of your fridge's integrated freezer to make sure it can meet your storage requirements. A model with a large capacity is ideal for families, while a smaller model may be suitable for couples or single people. The fridge/freezer space calculator will help you determine the amount of space you will need.The storage capacity of integrated refrigerator freezers may vary, but they are usually smaller than what you would expect to fit in your kitchen design. This will allow you to reduce the size and number of cabinets you'll need which will allow you to store more food.The standard width for integrated models is 60cm (including the housing cabinet) and they're generally taller than 178cm, although some models are a little shorter. It's possible to alter other aspects of your kitchen depending on where you plan to install the fridge/freezer. For example you might need to add or remove fillers or create the appearance of a bridging cabinet.Integrated fridge freezers weigh more than freestanding appliances similar in size, which is why they have hinges that are more robust and can take on the additional weight. It is essential that you and anyone else who uses the fridge/freezer be mindful of this by not swaying heavy objects on the fridge or leaning on the door, since this can cause damage to the hinges.The cost of integrated fridge freezers can vary significantly, but you can find less expensive models from brands like Beko, Candy and Hotpoint for around PS250. More premium brands such as Neff, Bosch and AEG can cost up to PS2,000.
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