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so that the whole body can get rid of the monotony of white. It is especially suitable for concave type. The loose cut out dress may look cute, but the slim one is more suitable for big women. As mentioned above, the suspender skirt has certain requirements for the wearer's figure. If you want to cover up your own small shortcomings, you can try the method of cardigan+suspender skirt. Remember to choose cardigan with the same style and color, so as to maintain the harmony of the overall style. It can also play a good role in shielding the wind, and also ease the problem of shoulder width and pirate costume Halloween costumes school girl costume little black dress little white dress overbust corset plus size pajama yoga clothes Christmas costume back thickness.Shirt dress is a brand new piece formed by combining the shirt collar and skirt shape. It has the advantages of both and has become a must for urban beauties to commute. The shirt can well modify the neck line of the wearer and play a role in lengthening. It is not a problem to create a swan neck.
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