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At the beginning of March, Liu Linyuan received pocket money from his grandparents and money from his grandfather and father. While Liu Linyuan returned to the social circle, he also barely broke away from the poor stage. Although he was not rich, at least he did not have to worry about the phone bill. By the way, I can also learn the skill of saving money, which is very good. For example, AA is learned at this time when many people have dinner together. Earlier, Liu Linyuan and Li Xuanyu, who had made an appointment to go to school to sign up together, did not see each other until the afternoon. Li Xuanyu finished shooting last night and flew back from Jeju Island in the afternoon. When they met, Li Shuanyu looked haggard and didn't sleep well. Liu Linyuan wanted to persuade him to go home and sleep. The strangeness of seeing'net friends' disappeared completely. No, I'll accompany you to go through the formalities and go to the administrative building first. Li Xuanyu covered his mouth and yawned, "I slept on the plane, but I didn't feel comfortable." How long has it been since he came from Jeju Island? Liu Linyuan did not comment on the statement that he had slept. "I'm ready. Why don't I go with you?" "I did it, too. The assistant did it." Li Xuanyu asked her with a smile, "Would you like to go to dinner together?" South Korean university class concept is very weak, there is no class director and other positions, often meet the students are chosen together, the most important thing is to rush to choose courses. As long as you choose courses,38 tube fitting, you have to grab the credits, and you have to grab the professors. It often happens that students choose a course from freshman to senior, and many of them come back to study after they leave school. The relationship between the former and the latter is a bit chaotic. There are a lot of group assignments in the class, which are organized by students who are studying the same subject. Dinner is one of the ways to get familiar with each other, and we must have dinner at the beginning of school. This kind of dinner is not necessary to attend, otherwise it is very impolite. It is no problem to bring people to attend, anyway,stainless steel needle valve, it is AA. Liu Linyuan remembered that someone had asked her to collect fifty thousand yuan for dinner and said that she would like to laugh. When the other party reached out and said fifty thousand yuan, she almost thought it was the class fee and wanted to say why the class fee was so little. Li Xuanyu asked her what she was laughing at, and Liu Linyuan shook his head. Is it convenient for you to go with me? You don't have to have dinner together. Liu Linyuan now does not ask what stars are not stars, with the number of stars she has seen during this period of time, she feels that it seems quite common to see stars here, no one came up to watch. Li Xuanyu skipped the question and asked her, "What time did you make an appointment? If it's still early, I'll take you to the shop where I said the coffee was very good. It's at the school gate." Six o'clock. Liu Linyuan looked at the mobile phone, only more than four o'clock, "early, go to drink coffee first, I see you are going to fall asleep." At the beginning of the school year, people come and go on campus, ball valve manufacturer ,12 needle valve, and now many people are walking outside the school at this point. Two people slowly change from a safe distance of one arm to a shoulder in the crowd, and they can touch each other with a slightly larger swing of their hands. Liu Linyuan was hit twice by his bag belt and put his hand in the pocket of his sweater. Li Xuanyu looked at her and asked her if she was cold. Hoodie shorts bare legs to welcome the spring Liu Linyuan said it was okay, Li Xuanyu laughed and complained that she was not afraid to die for beauty. Liu Linyuan hit him with his shoulder and was pushed forward by his shoulder. Today did not grasp the hair, makeup is also nude makeup Liu Linyuan take the route of college students, hair because of his push a jump, see Li Xuanyu can not help but want to start. And then I really got started. The hairstyle is out of order! Liu Linyuan stretched out his hand to clap it open, and Li Xuanyu let go of her strength, "You don't have a hairstyle, you just blow dry it." The hair is so soft and hairy. Liu Linyuan dragged his arm and pulled him to his side to let him walk well. "Blowing can also blow out the hairstyle. Does your hairstylist give you hair gel every time?" "I did that at the event, and you've been here all day." Li Xuanyu scolded her and looked at her bag, "Would you like to take it for you?" Liu Linyuan, who shook his head and said no, asked him to go quickly, saying that it was not cold and that the wind would still shake. Two people talk and laugh to Li Xuanyu said the shop, Liu Linyuan tragic discovery that is a small shop, a window to sell coffee, Li Xuanyu ordered a cup of American, Liu Linyuan asked for a cup of mocha, holding the roadside to discuss where to go next. Li Xuanyu said that he was going to take her to eat delicious Chinese food, but he made an appointment for dinner. Just go to the store and wait. We have to go there anyway. It's not far from here. "Liu Linyuan looked around." They said it was near KFC. " School dinners? All around school. Li Xuanyu was stupefied, and his expression was a little strange. "You're not making an appointment with Mr. Sen, are you?" Mr. Sen is a fried chicken shop, not to mention the good quality and low price, and the waiters are all part-time jobs in their school. The location of Dongguk University is quite special in Nanshan Park, which is not the concentration of the university. The students nearby are basically from their school, or affiliated colleges. This shop is a common place for school students to have dinner together. As soon as Liu Linyuan wanted to answer, he covered his face and asked him what was wrong. When he heard Li Xuanyu saying that they were also having dinner there, he couldn't help laughing. "Then you didn't say just now, just go together." "I made an appointment with you first." Li Xuanyu did not expect such a coincidence, "How long did we meet?" Liu Linyuan, who did not know what he was complaining about, laughed at him, "You said as if it was difficult for us to meet each other. It will be common in the future. You also took Professor Jin's class. We will take the'recording art 'together, at least once every two weeks." Speaking of which, "You got low credits for this, right?" "Elective credits are low." Li Xuanyu said that they all collected credits. "Professor Jin is very kind and convenient to ask for leave. I often have to ask for leave for a long time in the group. I am afraid of meeting a professor who is particularly concerned about asking for leave." He sank his shoulders and complained, "Why don't we have dinner together?" Liu Linyuan laughed at him foolishly, "How can you have a dinner party in such a big elective class? It's not compulsory and there's group homework." This makes her wonder who is the student in Korea. Naturally, Li Xuanyu just complained, "I want to grab'drama theory ', but I didn't get it. The professor is too popular." Looked at the green light not far away to pass, grabbed her to run and was pulled back by Liu Linyuan,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, but not in a hurry, "You are all cross-professional, what are you doing in our class?" 。
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