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Outside the main hall of the Yang family, rows of people stood on both sides, making way for a five-meter-wide road, all with their heads down, as if to greet someone. At the end of the hall stood Yang Batian and a group of elders. Yang Batian's face was not good. He knew that Yang Jian's request for ten princesses to come to the mansion was absolutely a demonstration against him, but when aristocratic officials came to the Yang family, they had to prepare well, not to mention a princess. Drive, drive, drive! Suddenly, outside the mansion, there was a loud sound of hoofs, apparently a team of horses and a carriage. Sure enough, a carriage inlaid with dragons and carved with phoenixes drove slowly to the front of the gate. It was a woman in a very luxurious dress who came down. The woman was only sixteen years old. Long legs, buttocks and the girl's newly developed chest do not have a taste, not powder fat, but red lips and white teeth, delicate and elegant. It is as elegant and refined as Yanya, with red lips and plain teeth, green hair and moth eyebrows, apricot red in single shirt, and young crow in double temples. Next to him,touch screen board classroom, copy out a handsome horse, the man on the horse, it is Yang Jian. Dressed in white at the moment changed into the brocade clothes of a big family, and in the bundle of hair was a sword-shaped jade hairpin, which made him look handsome and extraordinary. The women in the street looked at one after another and made eyes at each other. Yang Jian mouth is also hanging a confident smile, dismount and ten princesses walk into Yang Fu side by side, showing the dignity of identity and the intimacy of the princess. But what made Yang Batian angry was that Yang Jian led the ten princesses into the mansion and went to his brother Yang Baxiong to introduce him, ignoring him as the head of the family. Suddenly,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, a smell of blood got into his nose. He looked sideways and saw Yang Haoxuan walking in quickly. He was surprised and happy: "Haoxuan!"! You're back?! Eh! This smell, blood wolf. You son of a bitch, you went to the valley of terror! The thirty-third chapter is just looking for a fight. Yang Haoxuan has not approached, but for the first time to see Yang Batian angry at him, but the face of anger at the same time, entrained with deep concern. Then laugh and say: "Hey Hey!"! Father is observant, don't worry, I'm not all right! It's too risky! It's too risky! I knew I was right to worry! Yang Batian stretched out his hand to check Yang Haoxuan's body and breathed a sigh of relief. He still had some blame: "The Valley of Terror is extremely dangerous. People's hearts are insidious. You are too impulsive!" When Yang Haoxuan heard this, he knew that Yang Batian had also gone in. He was immediately surprised to think of his present cultivation and age. Father's appearance, but forty, there is a great martial arts realm, talent is also extremely terrible ah. At the same time, because Yang Haoxuan suddenly appeared to destroy the atmosphere to meet the princess, everyone looked at the strange character of the Yang family father and son. Gradually understand that the original is Yang Haoxuan came back, he disappeared for three months, interactive flat panel display ,75 smart board, inside the mansion speculation constantly. After all, he was deeply hit by Yang Jian before that, and thought he couldn't stand the blow or was afraid to run away from the Yang family. Yang Jian! Who is that man? Fifteen-year-old Yan Wuxie slanted his head and took care of Yang Haoxuan curiously. It turned out that he came out in a hurry. The robe on his body was still worn in the Valley of Terror. It was in rags. Oh With an understatement, Yang Jian said, "He is the eldest young master of the Yang family. A few days ago, he relied on Xiu Wei to make some small achievements and bullied people of the same clan. He was taught a lesson by me and disappeared for a period of time!" "That's the beast who does all kinds of evil!" Yan Wuxie's face immediately showed a disgusting expression and said, "I heard that his Dantian was repaired by a master and he got the skill, but I didn't expect that he still couldn't change his nature!" "A leopard cannot change its spots." Yang Jian said indifferently. How interesting! Also, compared with brother Yang Jian, he is simply a heaven and earth. You become a martial artist at such a young age, and you are under the door of Chongxuan, one of the ten sects in the martial world. Your future is limitless! Yan Wuxie said in a careless way, with some respect between his eyes. Respectful eyes, with affection and shyness. Yan Wuxie is at the age of love, fantasizing about excellent objects. And Yang Jian is naturally the most qualified, with strength, appearance and background. Much better than Prince Charming. Yang Jian showed a charming smile, but in fact his heart was a wry smile. Originally, he thought he was bribing the elders with the elixir, but Yang Batian also took out more elixirs, making his elixir a selfless contribution. Helplessly, he also gave out some of the treasures that the master had given him, and finally bought the elders. And pay a huge price to get close to the royal family, want to rely on and royal marriage completely overthrow Yang Batian. This price is very high, and marriage is the biggest factor for people who practice in the secular world. Getting married, having children, raising a family and so on can not make people feel at ease to practice. Of course, people are not plants, and there are many martial artists who get married and have children. On the other side, Yang Batian heard Yang Haoxuan is to Xuan iron, some embarrassed. The value of Xuan Tie is not much cheaper than Juqi Dan, especially the quantity is extremely limited, but after something happened, he was very relieved about his son, and immediately said: "No problem!"! You go to the backyard to get it, and the elder who manages Xuan Tie will give it to you! …… On the way, Yang Haoxuan walked in the courtyard and suddenly found a group of disciples in front of him talking and laughing. Seeing him coming, they all stood up with strange faces, and then peeked at the man sitting in the innermost of them. That person, unexpectedly is Yang Ying. Face gloomy, eyes sinister looking at Yang Haoxuan, sitting posture is also hands down, a pair of casual will hit the posture. However, he quickly gave a strange smile, stood up and said: "Yo!"! "What's Master Yang going to do? I haven't seen him for three months. He's in such a mess!" Yang Haoxuan was slightly stunned, but the plot was very much like before he had no strength, so he said with a smile, "Aren't you afraid of being beaten down by me again?!" When Yang Ying heard this, he flew into a rage. But soon broke out a burst of laughter: "Yang Haoxuan ah Yang Haoxuan!"! You are so naive and ridiculous. I have already stepped into the eighth floor of the warrior with the help of my brother. Hum,smart interactive whiteboard, how dare you fight with me now? How dare you be arrogant? As he spoke, he pressed his body up like a ruffian, and his face was full of provocation. The people around him also cast their gloating eyes on Yang Haoxuan.
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