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Elevate Your Home Ambiance With an Electric Fire Suite WhiteElectric fire suites are an excellent way to add elegance and warmth to your home without the hassle of installing flues and gas lines. They are powered by electricity to create heat, and they do not emit harmful carbon monoxide, which can be harmful if breathed in.This wall-mounted fireplace can be installed easily and is equipped with an electronic thermostat and a timer for shut-off.1. Celsi Fires Ultiflame VThe Ultiflame VR Designer Electric Fire Set will improve the ambience of your home. This hearth-mounted inset electric fire redefines realism and comfort. It will captivate your senses with an amazing visual flame display and engulf you in the cozy warmth of a Virtual-Reality experience an open flame.This contemporary, elegant electric fireplace suite features a stylish cast-iron fascia available in Black Nickel or chrome finish. The design is designed to match any decor style This fireplace is the ideal option for modern living spaces.This electric fireplace suite comes with a 1680 Watt heater that is high-efficiency. This means that it can generate up to 5,000 BTUs of heat per hour. Electric fires use energy according to their wattage, the current electricity cost and how long you are using it each day. Use our Electric Fire Wattage Calculator below to find out how much electricity your electric fire will consume.2. Elgin & Hall AmorinaThe Elgin & Hall Amorina is a stylish complete electric fireplace that can be fitted against a flat wall, without the necessity of an opening for a chimney. The stunning surround and recessed fireplace is available in a white micro-marble finish, or grey or standard hearth made of lipped ash.With a heat output of 2kW the electric fireplace can be used all year long. It is thermostatically controlled to ensure optimal comfort for your room. It also features a flame effect-only option which allows you to get a realistic glow from the log bed even when there isn't any heat being produced.The Amorina is a wide, tall and elegant style. Its appeal is due to its classic curved details. This unique feature elevates the design to a higher level and allows it to effortlessly blend into both modern and traditional interiors.3. Elgin & Hall Farnham deluxeThe Camino wall-mounted electric fireplace suite is a stunning design, offering a contemporary finish with an anthracite-painted hearth. The suite incorporates the Pryzm electric fire, which has a 5D flame effect, which is an industry first.The Farnham's striking, simple design complements the micro marble finishes. The suite offers a variety of mantel shelves and hearth plinths, as well as a slim or standard deep hearth. A variety of fascia designs is also available for an entirely unique style.This modern electric fire suite comes with the Elgin & Hall Chollerton 22" widescreen electric fireplace or Pryzm. Both feature an amazing 'flame only setting, and a 2kW heat output for your home comfort.4. British Fires WinchesterThis contemporary inset electric fireplace suite is ideal for those looking for a simple yet stunning installation. The marble effect design is a perfect fit into the majority of voids and creates a beautiful focal. This collection includes the New Forest electric fireplace, which takes LED flames to a new level. It produces deep real fire colors that are so lifelike that you will feel as if you're looking at a tree log that you found through the forest.There's also a selection of stunning understated decorative log effects, as well as a stunning wood chipping underneath for an earthy, natural appearance. The furniture is made with MDF with an edge that's chamfered, which is both beautiful and durable. The MDF techniques used to construct the suite are environmentally friendly as well, so you can be confident about the purchase.All electric suites come with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee and can be extended to three years at no cost by registering online. This must be done in the first 30 days after the purchase.5. Elgin & Hall VitaliaThe Vitalia electric fireplace suite by Elgin & Hall is a stunning combination of surround and fire, displaying the classic essence of the brand. This elegant suite features a widescreen glass-fronted fire that creates a majestic presence and fills your living space with realistic flame effects. The micro marble surround features fine detailing and classic stepped designs. Simply adjust the flame effect and heat settings with a convenient remote.The suite is available in a white or manilla micro marble finish. It is flat wall mounted. This suite is perfect for homes that don't have chimneys. It can be mounted directly on the wall. The suite comes with the Elsie 900 HD glass fronted, widescreen electric fire with real log display. It also provides 2kW of heat output.All the Elgin & Hall fireplaces available at Fires2u are built in Britain and made to the highest standards. For more information about the suites and to see an instructional video, visit our website today.6. Flamerite Fires AubadeThis freestanding suite is easy to install and can be positioned against a wall that is flat. The fire's depth is offset by a rebate, and no chimney or flue is required. Plug it in and enjoy low energy LED flames.This elegant electric suite includes an Tennyson cast insert as well as a curved flame display and a choice of a fuel bed - pebbles, coals or glass beads. It also has a 2kW heating system that can be set to "flame only" and comes with a selection of remote control.Flamerite Fires Ltd is the UK's oldest independent specialist electric fire manufacturer, with over 50 years experience in the family. electric fire suites amazon are located in Litchfield and are renowned for their integrity and unmatched customer service. They continue to distribute advanced electric fireplace technologies that transform the look of homes. Their dedication to quality and excellence is evident throughout their entire product line.7. Be Modern Flare BeadnellBe Modern Flare Beadnell comes in a white studio set that is waiting to be finished. You can paint the mantel to match your decor. This suite comes with the contemporary Orion Heliovision virtual multi-sided electric fire which offers multiple options for controlling the fire, including Wi-Fi control with the Modern Flames App and remote, as well as touch control on the unit. The fire also supports Amazon Alexa & Google Home integration.This modern electric fireplace suite comes with the Abbey arched cast insert, which gives a beautiful traditional style to your living space. Easily installed this freestanding suite can be positioned to the wall flat and then plugs in to provide instant heat, ambience, and real flame effects all at the flick of an electrical switch.Be Modern Flare Beadnell features the Elsie 900 wide-screen electric fire, which is a centrepiece in your living room. With strong, bold lines This suite is available in an Ice White finish, complete with an incredibly realistic glowing log bed as well as a captivating flame effect.8. Flamerite LumaModern electric fireplace suites are ideal for newly built homes and extensions. It plugs in, lies in a straight position against the wall and is operated with ease by using an Android or iPhone app or a manual keypad.The flame visuals look incredibly real and dance across a bed of logs and crystals, creating stunning centerpieces for your home. You can choose between two control settings: Radia or Nitra. Both feature thermostatically controlled heating, a choice of five pre-set animations and dimmable LED effects, and programmable 7 day timers.The surround is constructed of ivory cream, arctic-white, or pastel gray micro marble. For the electric fire, you can choose between Smart eControl and Radia Flame 3D or Fire eControl, which features the ability to change colour of the Nitra flame. Both fireplaces offer 16 different colors for the downlights on the top shelf. This lets you personalize your fireplace even more.9. Elgin & Hall WillastonThe Willaston electric suite emits a powerful stance with its straight, strong dimensions and a rounded detail. This contemporary suite has a standard lipped hearth made of marble, and an backpanel that can be fitted to an Chollerton fascia fireplace (as shown). No chimney or recess on the wall is required!This marble fireplace suite comes in White Micro Marble and has the option of adding a gray slip for a more striking look. The suite comes with a standard lipped hearth of marble that fits flush with the surround.This Elgin and Hall Suite offers a 2kW heat output that creates a warm and inviting space. It also has a flame effect only setting that lets you enjoy the amazing visual flame display throughout the year. It is also Eco Design compliant, and fully programmable using the 7-day thermostat that is programmable.
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