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Buying a Foldable PushchairA foldable pushchair is a great solution for holidays or quick excursions. They are typically lightweight and suitable for children up to four years old. They also have decent-sized wheels and a sturdy basket.They are named after their collapse method, which is a lot like an umbrella. Some fold with one hand that's a breeze while others require a bit more involvement or two hands.Easy to foldThe way in which pushchairs fold could be the most important aspect when buying one. Not only does it determine how they are easy to carry as well as how much space they take up when folded. Some brands are focused on compactness, whereas others are more concerned with speed or ease of use. If you're looking for a pushchair that folds easily, then you should look for one that has a concertina or scissor type of fold. These are renowned for being capable of folding flat, and are ideal if you are planning to use public transportation or travelling with your child.push chairs and prams of pushchairs typically include a seat with a view of both the parent and the child (for bonding, comfort and to allow them to explore the world around them). They are typically suitable for babies up to 6 months. Some of them feature an adequate recline position (though not flat like infant car seat) and are compatible accessories like buggie bags, seat liners, and fitted moses baskets/pram sheets.It is important to take into consideration other factors when choosing the right buggy, including the fabric and whether it is machine washable. Having quick-release wheels is particularly important because it allows you can easily clean off any mud that has dried or become wet.Some pushchairs have scissor folds, which is the place where the entire buggy folds in half, like a pair of scissors and then flattens into a long rectangular shape. This type of pushchair could be the easiest to unfold because you just have to lift the handle and then close the seat. However, it can be difficult to store in tight spaces and isn't suitable for use on public transport since it might not fit in smaller car boots.In addition to a scissor fold, there are pushchairs that fold into three or more sections, for example concertina. These pushchairs are the most compact when folded, but they aren't easy to carry and require two hands. When folded they can be difficult to store due to their large rectangular shape. They are however, lightweight and often small enough to be used as baggage for flights and are a great choice for families traveling.LightweightChoosing the right pushchair for you could be difficult. The terminology and folding mechanisms can be confusing. The type of fold you choose can influence how easily the pushchair is able to be moved and stored.Choosing a light pushchair can make all the difference for those who have limited storage space at home. There are a myriad of types of pushchairs, ranging from compact umbrella-folds to multifunctional travel systems that include carrycots and adapters to car seats. Some of them can be used as early as birth with the newborn carrycot, but it is important to verify the specifications for lie flat of any model designed for use with a newborn.An umbrella-fold pushchair is an easy and practical option that occupies little room. The name of these pushchairs comes from the fact that they fold in a similar manner as an umbrella. This allows them to fit perfectly into most storage spaces and boot spaces. They are typically lightweight and include a rain cover to protect your child.A concertina-style pushchair is another option that folds in three or more parts, with the frame and seat covering each other before collapsing in on itself. These are usually the most compact and easy to store, however they require two hands to open and close.Many pushchairs will come with the footmuff, a removable (and washable) seat liner as well as a carry strap and a safe pouch on the hood to keep your children warm, dry and comfortable during colder weather. Some brands include these as part of a set, while others sell them as separate items.Always verify if the pushchair fabrics are machine washable. This will allow for quicker and more efficient cleaning. It is also essential to check that the brakes are working properly and clean any mud that has accumulated on the wheels using an hosepipe or pressure washer.Easy to transportYou might choose a pushchair that can be folded down into a compact form if you plan to use it on public transport or even take it on a trip. This kind of pushchair will also usually be light to lift and easy to store in a trunk or in a small car.There are many different brands of folding pushchairs, and the way that they fold can differ. Some are focused on speed and convenience, whereas others offer a more compact, two-handed or even one-handed fold. The Cybex Libelle is an eye-catching example as it doesn't just fold down but then in too, so the entire buggy transforms into an elegant square box that is smaller than most hand luggage options, making it ideal for traveling.There are two types of brakes for pushchairs that are foot pedal brakes and handle brakes. Foot brakes are the most commonly used and work by pressing the sole of a foot, which locks both rear wheels. This is a great choice for parents who must stop or slow down often. Hand brakes are available on jogger-style strollers, as well as three-wheeled joggers. They are more sensitive than foot brakes, and they can be used to alter the momentum during an exercise. City pushchairs typically come with combination brakes that combine a foot brake with an adjustable lever that activates the brake opposite for maximum control.Based on your baby's age, you may wish to find a pushchair that has a lie-flat seating or is compatible with travel systems to allow you to attach a carrycot. Some pushchairs fold up quickly leaving the carrycot on the frame. You can also choose an ultra-lightweight carrycot that is folded flat on the chassis.If you're thinking of traveling with your child in a pushchair, you should consider checking the airline's website to ensure the dimensions and weight are within the carry-on baggage allowance. Verify that the stroller can pass through a standard airport doorway, and is able to be lifted up and over steps. It is recommended to bring a raincover when you plan to take your stroller on vacation to shield it from rain and puddles.Easy to storeThe foldable pushchair is a great option for parents who are frequently in motion. They're designed to be simple to fold and fit into a tiny space in your car boot. They are also ideal for public transport and vacations. Some models are also suitable for use with a car seat.Some models fold so compactly they're nearly flat. They're ideal if there is the space to fit them in your home or car boot. However they're heavier than buggies with larger wheels.Some pushchairs fold in three or four sections. They are referred to as concertina, fold-in-half or 3D styles. These are easier to carry, but they require two hands to fold and unfold. They can also be quite large when folded, so aren't ideal for smaller cars.Other models fold in a scissor fashion, where the seatback folds toward the front of buggy and the entire frame collapses to an elongated, square-ish shape. They're quick and easy to fold and can be used on public transport. However, the resulting rectangular shape may not fit in smaller car boot.Many pushchairs come with a sun canopy. They are typically made of SPF fabric which protects your baby from the sun. Some brands include it in their price while others sell it separately. The best options include an hood that can be removed, so you can wash them as needed. Also look for an infant foot warmer that will keep your baby warm during colder weather.Make sure you read the directions of the manufacturer prior to washing your pushchair. Certain fabrics can't be machine washed. If there's mud on the wheels, you can try using the pressure washer or hose to clean the dirt. If this fails, you can use an unscented sterilising solution and dry the fabric outside. If your pushchair is in a damp, wet or mouldy condition for too long, it can damage the fabric and result in mildew and rot. If this happens, you should first scrub off any mildew or mould with a soft bristled brush. Then wash and rinse according to the instructions.
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