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Easy and Simple guide to writing a book review - 2022 Guide
Reading a book might be a hobby for most of you but when it comes to writing a book review most of you must hesitate. Why?
This question is a bit unnecessary because not everyone reads books. So, they might not know how to write a book review, rather they sniff books because they find pleasure in reading books.
It's all good
No problem at all...
Until and unless your instructor or professor comes up with some exciting task for you !! “Tadaa! You little essay writer, you're now going to review a book…” Don't react as your world has fallen apart. Relax. Take a deep breath and run fast to have your hands on this blog.
We are going to help you out in writing a book review. Don’t worry! It'll be as simple as sleeping on a snowy night without a blanket. Giggles, Just Kidding!!
Even book worms feel uncomfortable after hearing about a book review, so it's okay. It's normal.
Let me share something interesting with you. I've always been worried about how to write my essay or how to do this and how to do that? But one day a sudden realization dawned upon me and I thought how life would be so boring without challenges. How would I’ve learned all these new things without difficult tasks?
That’s why never get tired of the new tasks or challenges because they push you constantly to learn and move forward.
Let’s start identifying the important things which need to be considered while writing a book review.
For writing a book review the essential part is that you need to have a book. Kidding!
Of course, the book is important but your professor will probably suggest to you the book which needs to be reviewed.
Moving on, once you get your hands on the book. Start reading it thoroughly because that’s how you’ll start with the first step of writing a book review.
Read the book or summary:
Once you’re assigned with the book. Look for its summary to understand the gist of the text. Try to look for the main points mentioned in the book and read them thoroughly.
Understanding the concept mentioned in the book is important for you because only then you can write the book review effectively and appropriately.
Selecting and picking the most important points:
Once you’ve gone through the summary of the book or book itself, you need to pen down the important things discussed in the books.
Like, ask yourself what are the important points mentioned in the book that helped you in understanding the gist of the text. Start writing them. You can make pointers so that it won’t take long and you cannot overlook or miss out on any significant point.
Use quotes and examples from the text:
Try extracting useful and insightful quotes and examples from the text. This won't take long because you find something in the text which clicks your mind. Write it down or highlight it.
This will save your time and will help you to integrate important quotes and examples in the book review. These quotations and examples will help in making the book review more effective.
Conclude with a summary :
Conclude the book review with a summary that explains what you've mentioned in your book review and what is inside the book readers are intending to read.
The summary also includes your opinion regarding the book. Whether you’re happy to read the book or you think it’s a waste of time etcetera.
Summary helps the readers to get a clearer idea whether the book aligns with their interest or not. This activity saves time for the readers who are thinking of reading the book.
Linking book with other similar books:
Finding related books to the one you're discussing is a terrific approach to finish up a review. Saying "if you liked the previous book, I bet you'll enjoy this one" is quite acceptable.
You can even be more detailed by examining the specific similarities between the books. So you can say something like "IF THE PLOT OR CLIMAX OF PREVIOUS BOOK,THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ FOR YOU!".
Star rate the book:
Many review sites do not require a star rating. You can use the conventional "out of five/ten" method if you want to provide a star rating. Perhaps try something new and divide your star rating into numerous categories for topics like characters and plotlines.
Here you go…
Done with the process of writing a book review. It's not difficult but it takes a real struggle to read the book because some people find it hard.
Writing a book review is a great idea. Professors frequently assign this type of homework to students to assist them in demonstrating their comprehension of the literature they have read.
Beginners will benefit from reading step-by-step instructions and following the book review structure. These writing rules can also help students who have never written a similar type of essay before.
Although, this blog is very clearly written with all the basic guidelines for writing a book review. Still, if you think you might find it difficult to write it, you can contact an essay writing service. They'll help you in getting proper guidelines from professionals.
Also, you may be provided with free samples for the book review. So, relax and enjoy writing the book review because it’ll help you in expressing yourself through writing a review about the book you’ve read.
I hope you’ll ace it.

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