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Original title: If you have a tape measure at home, you should pay attention to it. I just found out today that there is a small mechanism hidden on it. Graphic version: Tape measure is a common measuring tool at home, but there are several hidden practical functions on the tape measure that many people do not know, so today I will introduce five hidden practical functions on the tape measure. First: Most tape measures are marked with a number on the back. The tape in the picture is marked with 68mm. This 68mm refers to the size of this section of the tape case. When we are measuring, if we encounter a corner, we can't read the size accurately. Expand the full text In fact, we just need to pull the tape measure directly to the end. In this way,personalised tailor tape, we only need to read the size measured now, and then add the 68mm of the tape case to get the exact size. The 2nd: The person that often uses tape measure can discover, the small iron sheet in front of tape measure can move back and forth,keychain tape measure, the distance that move is in 1 millimeter or so, a lot of people do not understand why manufacturer does not give it fixed dead, actually tape measure is so stylist very scientific When we measure the outside dimensions of an object, Pull the tape measure back, so that the distance of 1 mm is the starting distance, and the measured size is the most accurate. When we measure the inside dimension of the object, mini tape measure ,seamstress measuring tape, the tape measure will be retracted by 1 mm. Because the front iron sheet itself has a thickness of 1 mm, the retracted 1 mm can just offset the thickness of the iron sheet. This is the reason why the front section of the tape measure is designed to move back and forth. This flexibility is also a very important quality requirement of the tape measure. When you buy a tape measure, you can observe it carefully. You must choose a flexible and fine one. Third, there is a clip on the back of the tape measure, which is not only used to clip on the waistband, but also to clip a pen with a long tail clip, and then clip the long tail clip on the tape measure clip like this. In this way, when we measure, we can mark at any time, which is very convenient. Fourth: There will be a hole on the hook in front of the tape measure, which is used to fix the tape measure. When we are measuring some long-distance dimensions, we can't find anyone around to help us pull them together. At this time, we only need to nail a nail at the starting point to fix the hole in front of the tape measure on the nail, so that a person can easily complete the measurement without error. Fifth, the hook in front of the tape measure can be used for fixing, and we can also use it to mark when measuring, which is also very convenient. If you think today's trick is good, share this video with your family and friends, so that you can help more people. See you next time. Bye bye. From Miaozhao sister,bespoken tape measure, if there is infringement, please contact delete return to Sohu, see more Responsible Editor:.
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