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Pushchairs - The Swiss Army Knife of Baby TransportA pushchair, also known as a pram, buggy or stroller, is the Swiss army knife of baby transport. From navigating through crowded streets to braving rough terrain, these baby-chariots have been designed to conquer all kinds of surfaces.A good pushchair offers comfort and safety for your child, ease for you and a chance to spend time together and explore the world together. Find out what you should consider when purchasing one.FoldingWhen it comes to choosing a stroller many parents are concerned with how easy it is to fold it. A true standout is the EeZeFold that has an incredible one-handed fold that lets you hold your child while folding the buggy, meaning you don't have to juggle between the two. The buggy stays upright when folded, so you don't need to be concerned about your child falling out.Some folding pushchairs are so small that they can be tucked away into the boot of your car. They're perfect for frequent travelers or if you have a small vehicle. Some are small buggies designed for everyday use that have a smaller footprint than the standard pushchair, but offer decent features such as a comfortable recline or light wheels. They are typically light enough to be carried by hand which means that Grandma or Grandad can use them if necessary.Some pushchairs are able to be used from birth, since some have a lie-flat seat or carrycot option. They may also be compatible with travel systems, so you can attach an infant car seat to the frame in just a click.Although they're not as tiny fold of a travel buggy the majority of compact pushchairs take up very little space when they're folded with the seat in and are ideal for those who are short on storage space in their home or live in an apartment. They are also lightweight, and they often come with a raincover to shield them from the elements.The Ergobaby Pivot 360, another popular pushchair from this category is foldable using just one hand by pressing a button. It's great to travel with because it's easy to fold. It's also light, making it easy to use even on rough surfaces. It also comes with a great suspension. The seat can be turned to face either the outside world or the parent and the hood can be extended to offer additional sun protection.ConvertibleA convertible stroller can be modified to meet the demands of growing families. It can be used as a single stroller, transform into a double stroller for siblings and even become a triple stroller by the addition of a third seat or ride-along boards. The UppaBaby Vista V2 is our top pick. It's a multi-purpose single to double stroller that is able to be transformed to accommodate a car seat, a bassinet for newborns, two toddler seats, or even a third child using adapters.Convertible strollers must have adjustable features, like height and reclining settings. They should also have large handles that are easy to grip, making it comfortable for dad, mom or grandma to push. These strollers are more stable than traditional pushchairs because they have more parts.Larktale's cross-over stroller/wagon, a first of its kind it includes a single stroller and a wagon. Parents do not need to buy separate products. It can be converted quickly and easily to a double or single stroller with no tools or conversion kits. It also offers the flexibility of seating with its second seat as well as a pull handle when it is in wagon mode. pram store near me is more bulky than our other top-rated convertibles, but it has excellent maneuverability and is able to handle hills. The main issue is the lack of storage space underneath the seat. Click here for more information.SafetyA quality pushchair will come with numerous safety features, such as a five-point harness that is suitable for the baby. It should be able to fit over the shoulders as well as around the waist, and between the legs. It is also crucial that the harness isn't loose and has no places where a child may get their fingers stuck.Pick the brake that is best suited to your lifestyle. A foot brake is the most popular and great if you are likely to stop a lot like when you go shopping. Many jogger-style pushchairs feature a hand brake. This is helpful in situations where you have to change your momentum frequently, for example when running. Some pushchairs feature an active hand brake which operates by pressing a pedal with your foot. This is a good choice for parents who are stopping and starting their pushchairs more frequently. It makes it easier to keep your balance while applying pressure to the wheels.It is also worth determining whether the stroller has an adjustable front wheel that locks. This can be very helpful for those who live on uneven terrain or steep hills. A lockable wheel on the front can prevent the pushchair from slipping away if you are in a rush or have a lot of baggage in the rear.While it might seem like a minor consideration however, the weight of the pushchair is something to be aware of. Even a light pushchair can become surprisingly heavy when stuffed with a growing child and shopping bags. Take a look at the weight of your stroller and see if you can lift it up stairs and into the trunk of your car, while carrying an infant.Buggy prams, pushchairs, or prams are made for babies who can sit up. They are generally used after the age of six months. The seat can be placed to face you or away from you, depending on how much you want your child to be close to you or explore the world. Many pushchairs come with adjustable seats, handlebars and other accessories.ComfortMany parents love the comfort of pushchairs - and there are a variety to choose from. Some are better suited for rough terrain or city streets, while others are not. The brake type is another factor to consider. A foot brake, for instance is the best choice for daily use. An active hand brake used on jogger-style pushchairs is more responsive on an adventure.One of the most important features of comfort is whether or not the pushchair is able to lie completely flat position for newborns. It is crucial to select an infant pushchair with this feature from the moment of birth. This will enable your baby to develop their spine in a straight position. This will give your baby a peaceful nap or time to rest, which will allow the ideal choice for more extended outdoor adventures and a happier, healthier child.It's important to choose the right pushchair with the infant car seat you have chosen. This makes it quick and easy to transfer your baby from the car to the pushchair, reducing fuss and ensuring he's calm during his excursions.Some pushchairs have an adaptor for car seats that enables you to attach your car seat. This means you can use the same seat from birth to toddlerhood, saving money and hassle. Many brands also offer a travel bundle that includes the carrycot, baby car seat, adaptors and footmuff all in one purchase.A good suspension system is also essential particularly for the front wheels. This can really make the difference when you drive on rough roads or urban terrain and allows you to negotiate bumps and uneven surfaces with ease while keeping your baby comfy.Other useful comfort features you might want to check out for include a spacious shopping basket (or even an additional bag), reclining handle bar, an adjustable seat position and an air-conditioned hood. Having all of these features will allow you navigate your way to the city or out in the country, and ensure your child gets the best possible sleep for the longest nap possible.
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