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Kimbo 1kg Coffee BeansKimbo is a premium coffee beans that provide an outstanding espresso. The blend of Arabica coffee beans and Robusta offers a rich taste and a luxurious, silky cream.Kimbo is a fantastic option for an authentic Italian Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato. Kimbo Espresso Napoli is the result of a careful selection and mixing of different coffees to create a blend with distinct characteristics, all in the strict Neapolitan tradition.Product DescriptionWhole bean coffee in bags. Net weight is 2.2lbs/1kg.The classic basic blend for all fully automated coffee machines from the Naples-based roasting company, Kimbo Espresso Napoli. It is crafted from carefully selected Arabica beans and Robusta, which results in a full-flavored coffee with strong aromas. nescafe coffee 1kg is perfect to make the classic Italian espresso. It also tastes great when mixed with milk in latte macchiato or cappuccino.The high proportions of Robusta gives this coffee an intense, creamy taste with notes of chocolate and dark bread. The beans are medium-roasted and give the Classico an even and soft taste with notes of cocoa. This blend is ideal for making espresso, milk coffee, and cappuccino. It also makes ideal for milk-mixed drinks such as flat white or latte macchiato. It is fortified and is suitable for cooking with all methods. It is free of trans fat and has 0. 00% cholesterol. This product contains Vitamin D and is fortified by Vitamin A.Product SpecificationsKimbo is a mixture of the ancient Neapolitan tradition and the meticulous blend of coffees with various characteristics. Roasting masters can alter the process for every particular variety of green coffee in order to achieve a perfect result, enhancing the distinctive characteristics of the beans, a characteristic which has helped the company succeed. The coffee is roasted at the Melito factory of Naples, an impressive facility that is well equipped to ensure the highest standards of production and a strict adherence to environmental guidelines.Kimbo is the standard blend for all fully automatic coffee machines. It is particularly recommended as an espresso base for milk-mix drinks like cappuccino and latte macchiato. Espresso lovers will love this blend for its smoky aromas and strong taste. It also has a rich crema.IngredientsKimbo Espresso Classico is a blend of carefully selected raw materials that has an even flavor and constant crema. This blend is perfect for all palate and is ideal for milk coffee, espresso cappuccino, latte macchiato and cappuccino. The medium roasting of beans contributes to the intense aroma and distinct flavor of this blend with pleasant notes of toasted bread and dark chocolate.Kimbo Crema Intensa coffee in beans is an expert blend of choice Arabica and Robusta beans from South America and Asia, combining the brilliant flavor and body that is essential to Neapolitan-style espresso. The rich, velvety crema that this blend creates complements the exquisite aroma.Kimbo White Vegetable Cooking Oil is a pure refined vegetable cooking fat made from refined palm oils and has 0 percent cholesterol. It is enriched in Vitamin A and D making it suitable for any method of cooking. It is also a fantastic source of energy and can be used in place of butter or margarine for an improved lifestyle.
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