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 Write a top-notch cause and effect essay - 2022 Guide
Have you heard as an essay writer about the cause-and-effect theory? Scientists also call it the theory of causality and it outlines the fact that the chain of events is the reason for some other events. It is like things are tied up in a chain that is influencing the existence of one another.
In our real life, the happening events are also linked to our activities or nature itself. Like, the recent forest fires in Turkey and Greece can be linked with the harmful human activities of years. or the femicide in Latin America is growing out of the hundred years of patriarchal rules and regulations.
Our practices from the past are harboring the impacts which we are seeing today in the world.
 Yes, I know, my examples may seem upsetting to you but it is the best way you can understand the meaning of a cause-and-effect essay.
This theory of causality is the grand hint which makes you understand the cause-and-effect essay which your teacher asks you occasionally to write. This essay is an opportunity for you to approach the topic that you want to explore and find its impact on the world. You can know the primary cause and its effects and note it down to understand the chain of events. The gateway to the unearthing, you can say that.
This essay is like a small plate of events that cater to your curiosity and help you to reach the shore of discovery. However, for some fruitful discovery and to write an effective essay, you just need to know some of the tips. An essay writer always read and note down points first to write an essay and then move towards the draft. If you want to be a writer, you will do the same by writing the tips that I am outlining for you.
So, be ready folks for the tips that can help you to write a top-notch cause and effect essay.
Ask yourself what you need to do?
Have you heard your mother murmuring, “what do you need?” before taking you to the market for shopping. I know you did. It’s the favorite line of every mother, I think.
But to your wonder, this line is the most essential reminder that can make you avoid goofy stuff.
The same goes for the cause-and-effect essay. You should read all the instructions given by your teacher and figure out what you need to do in the essay. What things are required and which topic can fit into the given criteria.
Once you are done with reading essay criteria, you are ready to choose a topic.
Choose an Extensive topic
 Always go for the topic which has multiple causes and effects. The best topic suggestion you can have is related to social issues, environmental factors, and political matters because they are somehow related to human actions. To write my essay, I used to opt for social issues because they have risk, cause and effect points. A carefully selected topic can make your essay a success for you.
Look for Multiple Cause and Effect points
Do not mistake in choosing a topic for an essay that is unknown to you or it is incomprehensible. Yes, research topics can be a challenge for students and I agree, some get stuck at this point. But do not confuse yourself and go for the wrong one. Confusion can lead to puzzles that entangle your clear thoughts.   So, what you can do here is to always look for a subject that has multiple cause and effect points. Or the subject can have 2 or 3 causes and multiple impacts. The more cause and effect you have, the more strength you can bring into the essay.
However, do not go for excessive points because excess of anything can prove dangerous to you.
Choose an Essay Format
Now once that you have decided about the essay, make sure you do not lure here and there but stick to one format.
The format brings organization and flows into your essay and you know, an organized and logical essay is the apple of the teacher’s eye. That’s what many teachers think, I bet.
So, among multiple formats of the essay, choose the one which suits your writing style such as the famous format is
Thesis statement
Body paragraph 1 Cause 1
Cause 1
Cause 3
Body Paragraph 2
Effect 1
Effect 2 effects 3
Give your essay a Catchy Start
The introduction always attracts the attention of the readers so; you need to give it a higher pitch. Always starts with a hook and you can use some quotes, famous lines, or some statistics for it. Be thoughtful about the introduction as it decides the fate of your essay sometimes.
Thesis Statement
Think of putting all the content in the compact form of two to three lines and presenting it to the teacher. The thesis statement performs the same function for you. You can put your main claim in the argument and disclose your topic too.
In the body paragraphs, you simply need to state the causes and effects of the topic and then propose some solutions. After the thesis statement, the body paragraphs seem easy.
Make Multiple Revisions
Never send your essay without any revision. Here, you can take help from the proofreader or you can hire some essay writing service for it. They can proofread your essay for you and point out mistakes for you. Once you have corrected the mistakes, your essay is ready to submit.
Cause and effect essays may seem hard to you but it's not that hard actually. You just need to follow the above-mentioned simple steps and you can make a huge difference in your writing. You must have the audacity to accept your mistakes, follow simple tips, and then write your essay. It’s the best you can do and it will give you success. 

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