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"Are there any peacock beauties?" "Go, that is my backyard, the beauty of the peacock clan, you also dare to play around, be careful that I tell the God to waste you!" Two people are bragging here, and it's not quiet outside. Soon after, a very simple little fat man came in front of the mountain gate, with a steamed bun face, big eyes pure like crystal, and a very shy look. Whose baby is this? It looks so naive and silly that people don't even know if it's sold. The second bald man was happy when he saw it. Shi Hao showed a strange look and said, "I guess he can sell you." He did not think that this little fat man was innocent. In the secret land of yuan Tian, this boy had a black heart and black hands, and directly killed the first generation, but it also made people feel that people and animals were harmless. It was Cao Yusheng, and this guy came too. Come and have a drink together. Shi Hao said hello. The fat man is very powerful. Two bald men are suspicious. The little fat man smiled shyly and said, "I'm just a little venerable man. I'm not an adult yet." "Come on, the body is engraved with the third killing array of the upper world, which can send chaotic sword gas, easily kill the first generation, and dare to pretend to be pure!" Shi Hao directly exposed that the fat man had cheated him and the Fifteenth Master. The two bald men immediately exploded their nests. They stared round and said, "Damn it, the third killing array has been carved into the body."? None of my people! This fat man must be the kind of monster that was frozen in the legend, right? "Yes, he's a monster. He's in a relic. He's looking for a second killing array. He also wants to engrave it in flesh and blood." At that moment,Glucono Delta Lactone, a snow-white rabbit as big as a palm jumped out, with eyes like gems, and shouted there. Moreover, its mouth also chews a medicine, sends out the brilliance, diffuses the fragrance. Shi Hao's eyes were round at that time and he said angrily, "Rabbit, you dare to steal my quasi-holy medicine!" He was so angry that he chased after him. These days, he opened up a field of medicine in the most sacred treasure land of the mountain gate and planted some elixirs into it,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, including a quasi-holy medicine. As a result, the rabbit did not know when to get in, like eating a radish, and was about to finish eating. The second bald man's eyes are also straight. This is a quasi-holy medicine. Seeing Shi Hao, the snow-white rabbit screamed, "You robbed me of a holy medicine when you were in the secret land of yuan Tian. You are stingy!" It is the Taiyin Jade Rabbit, who claims to be the younger and supreme sister of the clan, but many people suspect that this is actually the Lord. Shi Hao shyly, finally stopped, after all, he and Cao Yusheng and the rabbit had joined hands to fight the heroes, but also once shared hardships. The palm-sized snow-white rabbit turned into a very pink little girl, beautiful like a porcelain doll, especially with a pair of big eyes as red as gems, and the two bald eyes were straight. Several people sat in the mountains, barbecuing fierce beasts and drinking in big bowls. Of course, the little rabbit euphemistically called it not eating meat, Quillaja Saponin ,Kava Root Extract, which brought disaster to Shi Hao's medicine garden and made him have a toothache. Fortunately, he left the wonderful medicine and several holy medicines to the Fifteenth Master, otherwise he would have suffered heavy losses. Of course, the little rabbit said that he was only a vegetarian, but after a few glasses of wine, he began to play drunk here, grabbing the fragrant barbecue roasted above the fire, and eating a mouthful of oil. The second bald man showed a false smile on his face, took the initiative to approach her, toasted, and finally was kicked into the clouds by the rabbit with a bang. I The rabbit's feet are too strong! The two bald men bared their teeth, and if they had not already entered the realm of divine fire, they would have rolled their eyes directly. To this, the little fat man Cao Yusheng had a deep feeling and said sympathetically, "She went to the Golden-winged Dapeng Mountain when she was free. Other rabbits kicked eagles, but she kicked Golden-winged Dapeng every day. For this reason, the owner of the ROC had a problem. He went to the door in person and found the head of the Taiyin Jade Rabbit Clan." "Nonsense, I only go there for a few months every year, guarding the mountain and waiting for Peng." The little girl corrected. Damn it, pervert! The two bald men found that the fat man and the pink little girl with big red and bright eyes could not be treated as normal people. In other words, you are too popular, which is not a good thing, especially when Qi Daozhu said that all the venerable and powerful people in the realm of divine fire can challenge you, and many people are ready to move. "Who else dares to come?" While drinking, several people chatted and mentioned the problem. There will always be ruthless people, as far as I know, some people may go out with a big killer, in addition, there will probably be individual first generation of the divine fire realm. "Said the little fat man.". Shi Hao changed his color. There were very few people in the first generation of the divine fire realm in this world, because everyone was desperately suppressing the realm, waiting for the great fortune of the three thousand States' decisive battle. What a shame. Said the two bald men, with a serious look. Just as well, all rivers and seas are about to begin. When I go to the war and return again, maybe it's all in the divine realm. Shi Hao laughed. Be careful, don't be really cruel. "Is it?" Shi Hao moved when he heard the words. The heir of the Temple of Immortals has come, as well as the saint of the Heaven-mending Sect. The little fat man said mysteriously, looking at Shi Hao. Shi Hao looked back and said, "You are well informed." "I just happened to see it. In the last few days, a lot of people came to Tianxian Academy. They were all monks from various religions. Afraid of the fierce power of Qi Daozhu, they did not dare to break into this place directly. They went to Tianxian Academy temporarily.". Yuechan, the heir of the Temple of Immortals and the saint of the Butian Sect, seems to be very interested in a girl named Qingyi. Said the little fat man in a thief's voice. Fatty, you know a lot. Shi Hao was startled and felt that the fat man seemed to see the problem of Yuechan's primary and secondary body. I also heard that the heir of the Immortal Temple appeared in the Tianxian Academy and seemed to take away a female disciple of the Academy. Said Erbaldy, who had been there, too, and had come here from the Academy. Court death Shi Haoteng stood up, and only then did he understand why Qingyi had not appeared for two days. He had been blocked in the Academy. Hey, what do you want to do, kill the heir of the temple of immortals? The little rabbit jumped up excitedly. Go to Tianxian Academy! Shi Hao said, flying out first. Chapter 0787 the Hall of Immortals versus the Hall of the Supreme. The little rabbit jumped around, anxious to see the world in disorder, and the first one followed him. The second bald man shouted in the back, "Kill the demon!" Make a big noise in Huozhou,Thyroid Powder Factory, break the myth of destiny, cut off Youyu, and stir up huge waves.
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